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Image collection

As of August 2019 we launched a new Image Collection to help you design your invitations and cards.

These images include beautiful nature photos from all the seasons; spring, summer, fall & winter. We have also put special image collections together based on events, e.g. for Corporate events or Weddings.

We update our Image collection regularly, e.g. in February 2020 by adding many new corporate images ranging from skylines, skyscrapers to meeting rooms and lecture photos.

Use our image collection to finalize a chosen photo card or to create your own card design. You can also use these wonderful images to design your own stamp on the animated envelope or as full card background.

Here a screenshot of the image collection inside the DESIGN Editor inside your event.

Choose an image to e.g. finalize a photo card:

Please click here to browse our large photo card collection.

You can also use our wonderful image collection to design your own stamp on the animated envelope (in addition to our special stamp collection)

Our image collection can also be used to enhance your reply page:

We hope this article was helpful and inspiring.

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us.

We look forward to working with you!

Your EK Team


Customize animated music cards and invitations with your own music and share easily via email, whatsapp, facebook etc.

You can either choose and customize music from our music collection or you can upload your own song.


On December 12th, 2019 we launched a new Music Collection focussing on offering the funnest music for online cards and invitations.

You can browse the different categories, e.g. Party-classics / 20ies / 60ies / 70ies / Classical / Carneval / Oktoberfest / National Anthyms, Christmas / New Year etc. and add your favorite music to any event.

In February 2020 we launched a new category Best of 80s and also new music pages, where you can:

  • Listen to each song (30 seconds)
  • View a live invitation or card example with your chosen song
  • Select a song and choose a matching card design to go with it or upload your own.

Please visit our Music Category page:


Customers love to spice up their cards and invitations with their favorite song. Click the image below to browse some of our most popular designs:

The following design categories are also very often chosen for music cards:

Corporate invitations

Wedding invitations

Wedding save the dates

Birthday invitations

Birthday Cards

Party invitations


Music can be easily added to any event on the DESIGN Tab of your event.

You find the MUSIC option to the left of your card at the bottom of the left side edit section.

Please click here for more info and helpful images.


Please click envelope to view live invitation with music card.

We look forward to seeing you online and hope you impress your recipients and guests with the world’s most personal and lovely animated online post – with music!

Your EK Team

Discover our new fabulous designer Meridian Design

Meridian Design offers invitation and greeting cards with a high standard of design for people who are important to you. Their series of cards on different occasions, combine the beautiful with the useful. Good and independent design with attention to detail is our passion. Our goal is to inspire you.

Meridian Design invitation, save the date and greetings card collection covers a variety of topics, from quotes, congratulations to original invitation cards, useful coupons and other cards for extraordinary moments. Be inspired by our map world.

Invitation cards

Perfect for Birthday, Anniversaries or other corporate or family events.

Invitation card design with a large 50 designed with Happy Birthday words and a hand written fifty
Anniversary or Birthday invitation card with large 50
excellent invitation card designed like a wasp and in the color of your choice.
Invitation card with black stripes in color yellow

Save the Date Cards

Creative and lovely save the date card designs for any special occasion

lovely save the date card with drawn heart on golden colored paper
Golden Save the Date card with large heart

Greeting Cards

Creative and lovely greetings cards with many occasions. Most card designs allow you to choose your favorite color. All cards can be sent online as animated cards with optional animated envelopes. All cards can also be ordered on fine paper.

Fun Happy Birthday Card in Blue with large red Heart and Happy Birthday text.
fun Happy Birthday card with hearts in your favorite color. Here in pink
Happy Birthday Card with large Heart in Pink

Please visit our Meridian Design collection at EventKingdom and also the wonderful Meridian Design website.

We hope you find what you are looking for and can enjoy sending beautiful Online Post or ordering fine paper cards with Meridian Design.

Video cards

Spice up your Online Post by creating video cards. Add your own video content to any EventKingdom card.

In addition to EventKingdom’s animated envelopes and cards, you can now add videos from Youtube, vimeo or animoto to create video cards and combine video content with other EventKingdom tools, like personal addressing, reply and guest management etc.

You can do it yourself using one of the mentioned video portals or you can ask us to service and integrate your video for you.


Add videos easily by embedding a Youtube, vimeo or animoto video into a text field on your cards.

Please click on HOW TO to see the step by step process.


(please click image below to view)

Video cards with red Envelope and golden frame

Video cards with red envelope, golden frame, a Christmas stamp and personal addressing

This example displays a red envelope with a golden frame and includes a Christmas Stamp, a prioritaire sticker and also a company logo. You can design all these features easily in the DESIGN tab of your event.

Additional a Christmas green and white lining was chosen to decorate the inside of the envelope and a beautiful golden background was chosen for the whole page.

The Video card plays immediately once the card has fully appeared out of the envelope.


Embed video content from Youtube, Vimeo or Animoto.


Please send us your video via WeTransfer etc. Your video will be securely stored in our business account at animoto and will only be visible via your EventKingdom sending. You can of course choose to make your video public in order to additionally share your video content as you please. The servicing and integration of your video content costs a service charge. Usually the service charge “Tailor Made Design” is booked.


Videos can be integrated into any text field on your EventKingdom card. You can therefore integrate your video into an existing design or expand the text field to cover the whole card.

Please  view a beau and professionally designed Christmas Card sending by a German Football (soccer) Club “Werder Bremen”.

We hope this article was helpful and look forward to your beautiful sendings with video cards!

Your EK Team

Animated cards

Spice up your Online Post by choosing or creating animated cards

In addition to EventKingdom’s animated envelopes and card turning effects, you can now choose designer animated cards from our collections Animated Invitation Cards or Animated Cards.

You can also use your own animated GIFs to create your own special animated cards.

Both options can be combined with other EventKingdom tools, like Personal Addressing, Reply and Guest Management etc.

You can add your own GIFs to one of our beautiful Designer cards (as displayed in the below example) or you can upload a GIF in the exact format of the card and create your own animated cards.

Animated GIF integration

can be easily added to your cards by using the ADD LOGO/IMAGE option.

Please click on HOW TO to see the step by step process.


(please click image below to view)

Cards with animated GIF inside animated envelopes

Send online cards with animated GIFs inside animated envelopes

This example boasts a blue envelope with cool silver frame. The inside lining has been decorated with a Christmas motive full of blue colored snow flakes.

The card – a Designer Christmas card by one of our NY designers “Pickett’s Press” with the added GIF on it –  slides out of the envelope and once the card fully appears the animated GIF begins to play.

Animated GIFs enhance our Online Post and Designer cards very well and we are extremely proud to present this new feature to you!





We are preparing a collection of wonderful animated GIF cards. You also can upload your own animated GIF using the ADD LOGO/IMAGE option.

Here a some recommendations to find fun and cool animated GIFs:

Visit, find the GIF you like, download it (We recommend choosing the “Social” option) and upload it to your card using the ADD LOGO/IMAGE option.

You can also easily make your own GIFs, e.g. using your iPhone.

Go to the App Store and search for Giphy Cam. Download Giphy Cam for free and make a GIF easily using the camera on your phone. Save to photos and then send your GIF to an email address, so you can save it to your computer and upload it using the ADD LOGO/IMAGE option.

We hope this article peaked your interest and we look forward to seeing you at

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Animated envelopes in Gold & Silver

Spice up your Online Invitations and Cards with Animated Envelopes in Gold and Silver

  1. Great for anniversaries and special celebrations
  2. Add gold and silver frames to colorful envelopes
  3. Add frames in the color of your choice to any color envelope.

Animated Envelopes for Christmas Cards

(Click images to view and also see our new Video Integration on a card!

Golden online envelope front

Golden online envelope front with Happy Holiday stamp, priority sticker, company logo and personal addressing

The example envelope boasts a special gold paper, a Happy Holiday stamp, a priority sticker, a company logo and the addressing of the recipients.

You can design all these elements to your wishes and add as many logos as you wish to your envelope.

Golden envelope opened with green and white lining

Golden envelope opened with green and white lining, wax seal and a card inside.

During the envelope animation, the envelope turns, slides down and then opens.

The lining you chose is visible and the card you designed appears and slides out of your envelope.

Animated Envelopes for Christmas Invitations

Red online envelope with golden frame

Red online envelope with golden frame, Christmas stamp, priority sticker and company logo

Design your envelope to your wishes, e.g. choosing the “paper” color and adding a frame, gold, silver or in the color of your choice. You can upload your own stamp or choose one of our designer stamps. You can add the priority sticker to emphasize the priority of your sending and of course personalize your sending with the correct addressing of your recipient.

Red online envelope back with golden frame

Red online envelope back with golden frame and wax seal

The back of your envelope gets displayed shortly before it opens and can boast an elegant frame along the edges and also a wax seal.

Animated red envelope with golden frame opening

Animated red envelope with golden frame opening with candy cane lining and card appearing.

Your envelope opens, displays your chosen lining and the top of your card, which then slides out of your envelope.

If you have a frame, the frame is positioned elegantly along the edges of the envelope.

Animated Envelopes for every Occasion and Anniversary!

Creme envelope front with silver frame

Creme envelope front with silver frame stamp with champagne glasses and priority sticker

Get inspired by this beautiful creme envelope with silver frame and invite to your anniversary celebration or to any other special occasion.

You can additionally add a priority sticker, design your own stamp and also add optional logos to your envelope.

Creme envelope back with silver frame

Creme envelope back with silver frame along the edges

Before opening the back of the envelope is displayed. When chosen, the frame is elegantly placed along the edges of the envelope. The color of the frame can be silver, gold or in the color of your choice.

Creme envelope with silver lining opened

Creme envelope with silver frame opened showing silver lining with champagne glasses and the top of a card.

Your recipients/guests will love the envelope animation with all the beautiful details, like the silver frame, the silver lining with champagne glasses and the top of the card, which slides to be displayed.

You can of course design your dream envelope including frame color, lining design and color of the envelope.

To give the envelope an even more classic touch, you can add a wax seal to the back.

Card view with envelope on the left.

Card view with envelope on the left.

After the envelope animation the first card appears – centered on the page – and the envelope is partly visible on the left.
If there is a 2nd card, the card is placed partly visible on the right.

Animated Envelopes in every Color Variation!

Creme envelope with pink frame and cocktail stamp

Creme envelope with pink frame and cocktail stamp

Charm your recipients with light and lovely colors.

Rosa envelope with red frame and 2018 stamp

Pink envelope with red frame and 2018 stamp

Charm your recipients with a tone in tone color combination. Choose a stamp of your choice or upload your own. Format the name of your guests to your favorite font.

Green envelope with Dark Green frame and flower stamp

Green envelope with dark green frame and flower stamp

Or choose a tone in tone color combination in green!

Animated Envelopes for Memorial Occasions

Memorial envelope with black frame and flower stamp

Memorial envelope with black frame and flower stamp

For memorial events you can also set the envelope frame to classic black.

Improved Guest Messaging

Guest Messaging Improved

We have improved our guest messaging service and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Messages from your recipients/guests can still be found in your INBOX on and can also still be forwarded to your profile email.

Where to find the new Guest Messaging feature?

Additionally all messages – SENT BY YOU – and – SENT BY YOUR RECIPIENTS/GUESTS – are displayed in a MESSAGES tab inside your event.

Chat Dialogue

Each message is displayed as a chat dialogue.

This makes it much easier for you to follow the communication with your recipients/guests.

You have a much better overview of your guest’s messages and act accordingly.

Group Messaging and Reminders

In addition to all private messages –  all your group messages, e.g. reminders like reply or event reminders are also displayed on a special group message tab. This will help you keep track of any reminders you might send to your recipients.

When does the Messages tab work?

The messages tab works for all customers and events, who send or receive messages.

Sending Online Post:

Once the first message is sent – either by the sender or the recipient/guest – the messages tab gets activated.

Using Online Registration Management for Paper Invitations:

The same here. If a recipient of your paper invitation visits the reply page (with REPLY CODE or on Public Event) and replies with a message – this first message will activate the message tab. If you as sender decide to send the first message – e.g. to send an event reminder to all accepted (green) guests, then you will activate the messages tab.


Please note that replying to messages in the INBOX display EventKingdom as sender name. If you are an Enterprise Customer and this is not in your interest, please only use the messages tab to reply to messages. The sender name of a message here matches the sender name of the recipient list of this event.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Hope this article was helpful.

Patrick von Ribbentrop

Animated image showing envelope animation

Event Management


Benefit from EventKingdom’s proven Event Management, including recipient handling, contact management, additional guests, sending monitoring and guest management.

All these features are included for free in EventKingdom personal online sendings with event management. All event management features are also included when sharing a public event or when combining a paper invitation with an online version for reply and guest management.

Simple import 

Import using Excel or vCard file or from other systems like gmail with quality control.


Address your recipients personally on animated envelopes and additionally on the cards.

Send / Schedule (Online only)

Send at any time or prepare your recipient list and schedule a time for your sending.

Reply Codes for Online Registration 

Create reply codes easily for personalized paper invitations.

Monitor Sending 

View which recipients have received your mailing and act accordingly.

Reply Management 

View who has replied and edit the reply status if needed.

Additional Reply Management Features

In addition to your main invitations, you can create flexible queries for whatever you need. These can be separate workshops, dietary requirements, bus transfers etc.

Guest Limits and Waiting Lists

Set a guest limit for your event or for each event in case you are organizing a multi invitation event. Choose to also enable a waiting list, so if the limit was reached – your guests can register to the waiting list.

Reminders / Messaging 

Send reminders and messages for free and enjoy chats with your recipients.

Accompany Management 

Allow recipients to come accompanied or recipients to edit a number of set guests.

Guest Management 

Enjoy statistics for total accepted, declines and potential guests  etc.

Check in assistant

Enjoy easy and quick Check in wish QR Codes or Quick Search.

Team Collaboration 

Invite co-organizers and organize your event easily in a team.

Efficient Export 

Export your list as an Excel file with all needed information.


Our export is optimized for the use of standard checkIn tools.

Multi Invitation Events

All above event management features can be used for events with multiple invitations, e.g. company event with multiple dates or work shops or a side VIP invitation –  Weddings with individual invitations for Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception and Brunch. Please visit (multi invitation events) for more details and “example invitations” to view live examples.


After 10 years of optimizing our recipient monitoring and guest management offers everything you need – online and paper. 

We hope you found this article helpful,

Please let us know if you have any questions

Patrick von Ribbentrop

Attendance Management (Check in) – efficient and simple

Attendance Management (Check in)

EventKingdom’s CheckIn assistant was launched in 2017 and has been used heavily by customers such as Berlinale (Germany’s largest Film Festival), Hermes World or Premium Exhibitions, Berlin’s largest fashion festival.

Check in services for Attendance Management

CheckIn booths with EventKingdom Attendance Management at Berlinale 2018

Check in with over 1000 guests

Over 1000 guests were checked in at this Berlinale Event 2018

Berlinale 2019 expands usage of EventKingdom Check in services

We are happy and proud that Berlinale (Germany´s largest Film Festival) expanded their usage of EventKingdom services, including our Check in assistant in 2019.

In addition to “Berlinale Talents” many new departments of the Berlinale organization, e.g. “European Film Market” used EventKingdom services, ranging from online invitations, online registration and check in.

In 2019 there were approximately 5 times more events using EventKingdom services than in 2018!

The founder of EventKingdom, Patrick von Ribbentrop visited some of the events and spoke with the Check in teams to hear their feedback and what can be improved.

Founder Patrick visiting Check in at Berlinale 2018

Founder Patrick visiting Check in at Berlinale

Feedback was excellent and Patrick came home with some optimization ideas!

Wallet Pass with QR Code in use at Berlinale 2019

Patrick made some photos and videos or EventKingdom Check in in action!

Below a photo of a guest arriving with her EventKingdom Wallet Pass open ready to be Checked in easily and quickly.

Easy Check in with EventKingdom Wallet pass

Easy Check in with EventKingdom Wallet pass

In case a guest arrives without his/her EventKingdom ticket with QR Code, the Check in team can use the Quick Search option to quickly find and check in a guest. Please view a live video here.

Attendance Management – Simple and Efficient

  • quick search and checkIn for unlimited guests
  • QR Code reader and checkIn on unlimited devices
  • location or seating infos can be communicated to the guest at checkIn
  • simple access on unlimited devices for unlimited guests
  • main guests and accompanied guests can be checked in separately
  • easy export
  • statistics
  • etc.

Please click image to learn more:

Professional Attendance Management

Quick, simple and professional Attendance Management

Attendance Management – Simple

Our Attendance Management service can be part of every event. It is included in both Professional and Enterprise plans and can otherwise be booked per event.

Option 1: In addition to online registrations and guest management.

When using EventKingdom to send invitations or receive replies from paper invitations or other sharing options:

All you need to do is go to the CHECKIN tab of your event. You can immediately access a link to your checkIn product. You can also share emails with any device. On each device just click tine link which opens the CheckIn Assistant.

Option 2: CheckIn as stand alone service

If you did not use EventKingdom to send your invitations or gather RSVPs, you can still easily use EventKingdom to offer professional checkIn services at the door.

Start by visiting our CheckIn page:

Here please click on the Button: CREATE EVENT FOR CHECKIN

This will take you directly to the guest list where you can upload your guest list, including “accompanying guests”, “number of guests”, “reply status” etc.

You can then go to the CHECKIN tab and share the checkIn service easily.

Event Planning from A to Z

Thanks to our new attendance management product we can offer you assistance during every step of your successful event planning:

Yes, additionally you can upload photos after your event and share them easily with your guests. You can also easily create an online thank you card or order beautiful paper thank you cards.


Each event has a main tab on the right side called CHECKIN. Here you can find the link or email to activate your checkIn and display it on the device(s) of your choice.

We hope this article was helpful and will help you save time and money and additionally impress your guests!

If you have any questions, please contact us or our partners.

Patrick von Ribbentrop

Invitation and guest management with custom URL

Enterprise Plan – whitelabel service

Enterprise Plan – Whitelabel Service

Are you interested in sending beautiful online post by EventKingdom with your own custom URL and from your own custom email address at a Whitelable Service?

If yes, please keep on reading!

After purchasing the Enterprise plan we will setup your custom URL.

Option 1: Subdomain

Optimizing a subdomain of your domain, e.g. is beneficial, since it allows you to use your own domain and email for sending, e.g.

For the subdomain optimization to work your IT needs to make some DNS entries. This is generally not a problem, but needs to be done on your side.

Option 2: New domain

If the subdomain optimization is not possible – since your IT e.g. needs to be involved – we can also create a new domain for you, e.g. and custom sender email, e.g.

This can take up to 5 working days.

Logo Handling

The Enterprise Plan also includes the removal of the EventKingdom Logo in the event emails, recipient view in browser, reply confirmation PDFs, wallet passes etc.

Your company logo can be integrated instead.

General Info for Sending Online Post:

When sending online post by EventKingdom, you will be able to send from your custom email and your recipients and guests will see your custom URL. No more EventKingdom.

Please note though that the most important elements of a successful online invitation are the sender name and email subject. Both of these can be customized by you for each sending independent of the plan you have. 90% of our customers – corporate and private – are very satisfied using our standard or professional plans.

The decision to book the Enterprise plan is mainly a marketing one. Technically, especially concerning the success of your online sending, there are no differences in quality between our standard, professional or enterprise plans.

If you want more of your own company and less EventKingdom then the Enterprise plan is certainly the correct choice for you!

Generally, one of the main benefits from sending online post by EventKingdom is that you see who has and has yet to receive your sending. We recommend to resend the sending after 4 to 5 days to those who have yet to receive it. If recipients still have not viewed your sending, you can use the free “send to yourself” option and forward personalized sendings for each recipient through your own email system. This is bound to some additional effort of course, so we recommend doing this for important recipients. Thanks to this free “send to yourself” option, we can assure you that every recipient shall receive their personal online post sending at the price of one sending.

We hope this article was helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Yours Truly,

Patrick von Ribbentrop