Video cards and Animated GIF cards

Spice up your Online Post by creating video cards or adding an animated GIF.

In addition to EventKingdom’s animated envelopes, you can now add videos from Youtube to create video cards and combine video content with other EventKingdom tools, like Personal Addressing, Reply and Guest management etc.

1. Video integration

can be easily created by embedding a Youtube video into a text field on your cards

Please click on HOW TO to see the step by step process.

2. Animated GIF integration

can be easily added to your cards by using the ADD LOGO/IMAGE option.

Please click on HOW TO to see the step by step process.


(please click image below to view)

Video cards with red Envelope and golden frame

Video cards with red envelope, golden frame, a Christmas stamps and personal addressing

This example displays a red envelope with a golden frame and includes a Christmas Stamp, a prioritaire sticker and also a company logo. All these features can be designed by you easily in the DESIGN tab of your event.

Additional a Christmas green and white lining was chosen to decorate the inside of the envelope and a beautiful golden background was chosen for the whole page.

The Video card plays immediately once the card has fully appeared out of the envelope.


(please click image below to view)

Cards with animated GIFs inside animated envelopes

Send online cards with animated GIFs inside animated envelopes

This example boasts a blue envelope with cool silver frame. The inside has been decorated with a Christmas motive full of blue colored snow flakes.

The card slides out of the envelope and once the card fully appears the animated GIF begins to play.


Please let us know if you have any questions!