Invitation and guest management with custom URL

Enterprise Plan – whitelabel service

Enterprise Plan – Whitelabel Service

Are you interested in sending beautiful online post by EventKingdom with your own custom URL and from your own custom email address at a Whitelable Service?

If yes, please keep on reading!

After purchasing the Enterprise plan we will setup your custom URL.

Option 1: Subdomain

Optimizing a subdomain of your domain, e.g. is beneficial, since it allows you to use your own domain and email for sending, e.g.

For the subdomain optimization to work your IT needs to make some DNS entries. This is generally not a problem, but needs to be done on your side.

Option 2: New domain

If the subdomain optimization is not possible – since your IT e.g. needs to be involved – we can also create a new domain for you, e.g. and custom sender email, e.g.

This can take up to 5 working days.

Logo Handling

The Enterprise Plan also includes the removal of the EventKingdom Logo in the event emails, recipient view in browser, reply confirmation PDFs, wallet passes etc.

Your company logo can be integrated instead.

General Info for Sending Online Post:

When sending online post by EventKingdom, you will be able to send from your custom email and your recipients and guests will see your custom URL. No more EventKingdom.

Please note though that the most important elements of a successful online invitation are the sender name and email subject. Both of these can be customized by you for each sending independent of the plan you have. 90% of our customers – corporate and private – are very satisfied using our standard or professional plans.

The decision to book the Enterprise plan is mainly a marketing one. Technically, especially concerning the success of your online sending, there are no differences in quality between our standard, professional or enterprise plans.

If you want more of your own company and less EventKingdom then the Enterprise plan is certainly the correct choice for you!

Generally, one of the main benefits from sending online post by EventKingdom is that you see who has and has yet to receive your sending. We recommend to resend the sending after 4 to 5 days to those who have yet to receive it. If recipients still have not viewed your sending, you can use the free “send to yourself” option and forward personalized sendings for each recipient through your own email system. This is bound to some additional effort of course, so we recommend doing this for important recipients. Thanks to this free “send to yourself” option, we can assure you that every recipient shall receive their personal online post sending at the price of one sending.

We hope this article was helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Yours Truly,

Patrick von Ribbentrop