Attendance Management – efficient and simple

Attendance Management

EventKingdom’s Check in assistant was launched in 2017 and has been used heavily by customers such as Berlinale (Germany’s largest Film Festival), Hermes World or Premium Exhibitions, Berlin’s largest fashion festival.

Check in services for Attendance Management

Check in booths with EventKingdom Attendance Management at Berlinale 2018

Check in with over 1000 guests

Over 1000 guests were checked in at this Berlinale Event 2018

Attendance Management – simple and efficient

  • Quick search and check in for unlimited guests
  • QR Code reader and check in on unlimited devices
  • Location or Seating infos can be communicated to the guest at Check in
  • Simple access on unlimited devices for unlimited guests
  • Main guests and accompanied guests can be checked in separately
  • Easy Export
  • Statistics
  • etc.

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Professional Attendance Management

Quick, simple and professional Attendance Management

Attendance Management – simple

Our Attendance Management service can be part of every event. In is included in both Professional and Enterprise plans and can otherwise be booked per event.

Option 1: In addition to online registrations and guest management.

When using EventKingdom to send invitations or received replies from paper invitations or other sharing options:

All you need to do is go to the CHECK IN tab of your event. You can immediately access a link to your Check in product. You can can also share emails with any device. On each device just click tine link which opens the Check in assistant.

Option 2: Check In as Stand Alone Service

If you did not use EventKingdom to send your invitations or gather RSVPs, you can still easily use EventKingdom to offer Professional Check In services at the door.

Start by visiting our Check In page:

Here please click on the Button: CREATE EVENT FOR CHECK IN

This will take you directly to the guest list where you can upload your guest list, including “Accompanying guests”, “Number of guests”, “Reply status” etc.

You can then go to the CHECK IN tab and share the Check In service easily.

Event planning from A to Z

Thanks to our new attendance management product we can offer you assistance during every step of your successful event planning:

Yes, additionally you can upload photos after your event and share them easily with your guests. You can also easily create an online thank you card or order beautiful paper thank you cards.


Each event has a main tab on the right side called CHECK IN. Here you can find the link or email to activate your Check in and display it on the device(s) of your choice.

We hope this article was helpful and will help you save time and money and additionally impress your guests!

If you have any questions, please contact us or our partners.

Patrick von Ribbentrop