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Event Management


Benefit from EventKingdom’s proven Event Management, including recipient handling, contact management, additional guests, sending monitoring and guest management.

All these features are included for free in EventKingdom personal online sendings with event management. All event management features are also included when sharing a public event or when combining a paper invitation with an online version for reply and guest management.

Simple import 

Import using Excel or vCard file or from other systems like gmail with quality control.


Address your recipients personally on animated envelopes and additionally on the cards.

Send / Schedule (Online only)

Send at any time or prepare your recipient list and schedule a time for your sending.

Reply Codes for Online Registration 

Create reply codes easily for personalized paper invitations.

Monitor Sending 

View which recipients have received your mailing and act accordingly.

Reply Management 

View who has replied and edit the reply status if needed.

Additional Reply Management Features

In addition to your main invitations, you can create flexible queries for whatever you need. These can be separate workshops, dietary requirements, bus transfers etc.

Guest Limits and Waiting Lists

Set a guest limit for your event or for each event in case you are organizing a multi invitation event. Choose to also enable a waiting list, so if the limit was reached – your guests can register to the waiting list.

Reminders / Messaging 

Send reminders and messages for free and enjoy chats with your recipients.

Accompany Management 

Allow recipients to come accompanied or recipients to edit a number of set guests.

Guest Management 

Enjoy statistics for total accepted, declines and potential guests  etc.

Check in assistant

Enjoy easy and quick Check in wish QR Codes or Quick Search.

Team Collaboration 

Invite co-organizers and organize your event easily in a team.

Efficient Export 

Export your list as an Excel file with all needed information.


Our export is optimized for the use of standard checkIn tools.

Multi Invitation Events

All above event management features can be used for events with multiple invitations, e.g. company event with multiple dates or work shops or a side VIP invitation –  Weddings with individual invitations for Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception and Brunch. Please visit (multi invitation events) for more details and “example invitations” to view live examples.


After 10 years of optimizing our recipient monitoring and guest management offers everything you need – online and paper. 

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