Check in assistant

Create event for check in

Please see below how EventKingdom can help you check in your guests:

Benefit from EventKingdom's Check in assistant, which can be easily shared with multiple devices and used for unlimited guests.
View live examples of how our Check in assistant is used incl. photos and videos, e.g. from the Berlinale 2019.
Check in assistant is included in Professional and Enterprise plans.

  • Easy sharing

    Share easily via email and open Check in on device of your choice

  • Unlimited devices & guests

    Use as many devices as you need for small or large lists

  • Efficient checkin

    Quick search (name or company) / QR code reader (email, PDF or Wallet Pass) for easy checkin, incl. location/seating infos etc.

  • Efficient reporting

    Check in status get auto synced with your recipient list reply and guest management

Example screen of the Check in assistant.

Additional Services

Benefit from an unlimited, easy to use, quick and efficient Check in assistant:

  • Your guest list for Check in is ready to go.
  • No stress with exporting and importing.
  • Check in assistant can be shared easily via email with multiple devices.
  • Check in assistant can be used for unlimited guests.
  • Check in assistant needs internet access.
  • Optimized Search and Check in function on all touch or mouse based devices.
  • QR codes can be easily scanned and lead directly to the guest's check in page.
  • Guests can show email, a printed PDF or use their wallet pass.
  • Add data like location or seating infos per guest to be displayed during check in.
  • Automatic synch of your Check in data with your recipient list reply and guest management.
  • Compare who has RSVPed with who ended up attending your event.
  • Copy only Checked in guests into new events to e.g. send thank you notes.
  • Upload photos and share them only with recipients, who attended your event.