Recipient monitoring and guest management examples

Please see below how EventKingdom can help you plan your event:

Benefit from EventKingdom's proven recipient monitoring and guest management, which is included for free in all EventKingdom personal sendings. These features are also included when sharing a public event or when combining a paper invitation with an online version for reply and guest management.

Benefit from the many helpful recipient monitoring and guest management features:

  • Add your recipients easily via excel, import or manually.
  • Add more recipients at any time, also after your first sending.
  • Add tags, like VIP, press, bride or groom to your recipients to organize them better on your recipient list.
  • Send personal online post to email addresses or to Facebook friends.
  • Schedule your sending date - get everything done in one session.
  • Address your recipients personally on digitally animated envelopes.
  • Address your recipients additionally on the cards to add a special personal touch.
  • Manage accompanies with ease.
  • Set a Guest limit and view guest statistics.
  • Set the number of expected guests per recipient.
  • Link your event to Eventbrite and promote your Eventbrite ticketing page with beautiful online post.
  • Use the EventKingdom reply options and benefit from reply management and reply status editing options.
  • Invite to single events or to event with multiple invitations.
  • Setup multiple invitations/reply options and allow accompanies for certain invitations only, e.g. golf outings with dinner invitation.
  • Invite some guests to all invitations and others to only certain invitations, e.g. Weddings with Rehearsal Dinner or Galas with Cocktail for sponsors./li>
  • Filter your recipient list by reply status, e.g. viewed or accepted, tags events (for multi invitation events).
  • Export your full list or filter first and then export specific lists.
  • Copy your recipient list easily into future events.