Recipient monitoring and guest management examples

Please see below how EventKingdom can help you plan your event:

Benefit from EventKingdom's proven recipient monitoring and guest management, which is included for free in all EventKingdom personal sendings. These features are also included when sharing a public event or when combining a paper invitation with an online version for reply and guest management.


    Add your recipients easily via excel, import or manually


    Send via email, Facebook, whatsapp. Schedule sending date - get everything done in one session


    Monitor sending, track replies, send free reminders, manage guests, set guest limits & waiting lists

  • Export

    Export your full list or filter first and then export specific lists

Example for recipient monitoring and guest management for an event with multiple invitations.

Additional Services

Guest management app

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Access your events and recipient lists easily to manage your guest list

Easy access to your my events

  • List of your events
  • Easy access to Recipient list
  • Intuitive display and navigation
Monitor and track your invitations and cards and send reminders and messages

Recipient monitoring

  • Check status of recipients
  • Check number of replies
  • Add new recipients
Edit the reply status of your guest and their accompanying guests and add new guests

Guest management

  • Edit recipient info
  • Edit plus 1 info
  • Manually edit replies
Send and share online invitations and cards directly from your product app

Send and share

  • Send and share invitations and cards
  • Email, Whatsapp, Facebook etc.
  • Personal or group sendings

Benefit from the many helpful recipient monitoring and guest management features:

  • Add your recipients easily via excel, import or manually.
  • Add more recipients at any time, also after your first sending.
  • Add tags, like VIP, press, bride or groom to your recipients to organize them better on your recipient list.
  • Send personal online post to email addresses, via Facebook or contacts on whatsapp.
  • Schedule your sending date - get everything done in one session.
  • Address your recipients personally on digitally animated envelopes.
  • Address your recipients additionally on the cards to add a special personal touch.
  • Manage plus ones with ease.
  • Set a Guest limit and view guest statistics.
  • Enable a Waiting list option if a guest limit has been reached.
  • Set multiple Guest limits for single events when using the Multi Invitation feature.
  • Set the number of expected guests per recipient.
  • Link your event to Eventbrite and promote your Eventbrite ticketing page with beautiful online post.
  • Use the EventKingdom reply options and benefit from reply management and reply status editing options.
  • Invite to single events or to event with multiple invitations.
  • Setup multiple invitations/reply options and allow accompanied guests for certain invitations only, e.g. golf outings with dinner invitation.
  • Invite some guests to all invitations and others to only certain invitations, e.g. Weddings with Rehearsal Dinner or Galas with Cocktail for sponsors./li>
  • Filter your recipient list by reply status, e.g. viewed or accepted, tags events (for multi invitation events).
  • Export your full list or filter first and then export specific lists.
  • Copy your recipient list easily into future events.