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Invitation and guest management with custom URL

Enterprise Plan – whitelabel service

Enterprise Plan – Whitelabel Service

Are you interested in sending beautiful online post by EventKingdom with your own custom URL and from your own custom email address at a Whitelable Service?

If yes, please keep on reading!

After purchasing the Enterprise plan we will setup your custom URL.

Option 1: Subdomain

Optimizing a subdomain of your domain, e.g. is beneficial, since it allows you to use your own domain and email for sending, e.g.

For the subdomain optimization to work your IT needs to make some DNS entries. This is generally not a problem, but needs to be done on your side.

Option 2: New domain

If the subdomain optimization is not possible – since your IT e.g. needs to be involved – we can also create a new domain for you, e.g. and custom sender email, e.g.

This can take up to 5 working days.

Logo Handling

The Enterprise Plan also includes the removal of the EventKingdom Logo in the event emails, recipient view in browser, reply confirmation PDFs, wallet passes etc.

Your company logo can be integrated instead.

General Info for Sending Online Post:

When sending online post by EventKingdom, you will be able to send from your custom email and your recipients and guests will see your custom URL. No more EventKingdom.

Please note though that the most important elements of a successful online invitation are the sender name and email subject. Both of these can be customized by you for each sending independent of the plan you have. 90% of our customers – corporate and private – are very satisfied using our standard or professional plans.

The decision to book the Enterprise plan is mainly a marketing one. Technically, especially concerning the success of your online sending, there are no differences in quality between our standard, professional or enterprise plans.

If you want more of your own company and less EventKingdom then the Enterprise plan is certainly the correct choice for you!

Generally, one of the main benefits from sending online post by EventKingdom is that you see who has and has yet to receive your sending. We recommend to resend the sending after 4 to 5 days to those who have yet to receive it. If recipients still have not viewed your sending, you can use the free “send to yourself” option and forward personalized sendings for each recipient through your own email system. This is bound to some additional effort of course, so we recommend doing this for important recipients. Thanks to this free “send to yourself” option, we can assure you that every recipient shall receive their personal online post sending at the price of one sending.

We hope this article was helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Yours Truly,

Patrick von Ribbentrop

Team collaboration

Team Collaboration

The function team collaboration enables you to invite colleagues, customers, friends, agencies, the bride or the groom to co-organize your event. Each invited co-organizer receives his/her co-organizer invitation email and can register a new account at EventKingdom. Each invited co-organizer has automatic access to the co-organized event and has all needed rights to co-organize the event successfully.

Team collaboration with co-organizers

Position where to find option to invite co-organizers

Co-Organizer Rights

All co-organizers can edit the design of the cards and envelope, can make changes to the reply page settings and manage the recipient list. All co-organizers can access and edit each recipient on the recipient list, independently of who added the recipient.

This function which is included in all plans, is helpful for all types of events, where multiple people are managing an event together. Main benefits compared to e.g. “using the same account” are:

1. Each co-organizer has his own account access and password

2. Each co-organizer has his own address book and contacts. (On co-organized events, each co-organizer can additional access other organizer’s recipients on the recipient list.)

3. Actions are tracked better to see which actions were taken by which co-organizer.

The co-organizer function is e.g. also helpful for agencies. Agencies can setup events including design, reply page settings etc. and later invite the customer as co-organizer. The customer can then upload the recipients, purchase stamps and send.

If the agency is supposed to also manage the recipient list, then the customer can have his/her own access to the recipient monitoring and guest management features on the recipient list. (We recommend this, since it’s fun! – after sending, all recipients start to change their color status, from first “delivered” (white), then “viewed” (yellow) to “accepted” (green) and “declined” (red).

Please view our guest management example page for more info.


An often used feature for co-organized events is the ability to transfer stamps to another account. This feature is included in the professional plan. “Stamps transfer” is helpful if one co-organizer is setting up the event and should also take care of the billing, e.g purchasing stamps.  This is often needed if there is only one billing department in a company or only one family is financing the wedding invitation for example. The responsible account can purchase stamps and then easily transfer them to other accounts at any time.

You can find the stamps transfer option here:

Transfer stamps

Help how to transfer stamps to other accounts.

We hope this article was informative and helpful!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yous Truly, Patrick von Ribbentrop

Public event option (unlimited replies)

Public Event Option

Benefit from our public event option and make use of your beautiful EventKingdom online post sending in every possible way, e.g. using your own mail program to forward your sending as you wish, linking your newsletter or sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

After setting up the public event option you will have access to a link or email, which you can use, forward or share as needed. You can keep your event open or you can secure it with a code.

Both options link and email are not personalized and show the event name on the animated envelope. Each visitor can reply on the reply page using their name and email address. All replies are grouped in the event’s recipient list. If you don’t set a guest limit yourself, there is no limit to your replies.

In addition to sharing the unpersonalized sending you can of course always add recipients to your recipient list and send out private, personalized emails. This makes sense, if you have some more important recipients you wish to address personally. The rest can register as needed on the public event.

Reasons to Use the Public Event Option

The following events by customers of EventKingdom have led to the developement of this new “public event option”:

You have one company email for all employees

You would rather send one invitation email to one company email address than upload all your employee emails to EventKingdom. Your company email is setup to automatically forward an email to all employee emails (e.g. 5000). All employees receive the online post invitation and can reply with their name and email on the public event reply page. The number of replies is settable by you. Of course, only people, who have access to the invitation email, can access the public event and reply.  This feature can save you money compared to sending e.g. 5000 personalized online post invitations. So, if personalization is not so important, then purchasing the Professional plan which offers this public event option could be the smart thing for you to do.

Integrate invitation into your standard newsletter

A company wanted to integrate the EventKingdom envelope into their newsletter and connect it to an online post invitation. The company wanted to use it’s standard tracking tools within it’s existing newsletter system. This is possible when you purchase the Professional plan, which contains this public event featue. After purchasing the Professional plan, you will have access to a link which you can add to any image, e.g. a digital envelope in your newsletter. Your newsletter recipients can then access the online post sending and reply with their names and emails. You can use your existing tracking system to track all clicks on the image in your newsletter. Replies are neatly grouped in your recipient list on EventKingdom.

Save the date mailing

A customer wanted to send a beautiful online post save the date to their recipient list, but did not want to upload their recipient list to EventKingdom. This is possible via the Professional plan. After purchasing the professional plan the customer was able to send himself an unpersonalized online post save the date email containing the design they chose and finalized. They then forwarded this email to their recipient list. All recipients were able to save the date and add a message if necessary.

Paper send out with online registration

A customer wanted to send paper invitations and offer an online version for event information and RSVP. This is possible within the Professional plan. After purchasing it you can access a link on the reply page of your event. You can use this link as you wish, e.g. adding it to any domain you have. You can also ask us to organize an event domain for you. After setting up the domain the customer printed various paper products, such as flyers, posters, invitation cards etc. and included the domain for online access on the printed paper products. Any person, who has access to the public event domain, can reply with his name and email. Limits are settable by you.

Paper send out with public event option and QR code

This example is similar to example 4. In addition to printing the domain on the reply card or poster, you can add a QR code. Your recipients do not need to type in an event domain, but can access the online event version quickly with any QR Code reader or e.g. with the QR Code reader inside the EventKingdom app.

Paper send out with reply codes for online registration and guest management.

This feature adds access security to your online event and limits the registrations to the invitations you sent out. To read more please see our article “Paper invitation with personalized codes“.


1. After purchasing the Professional or Enterprise plan please go to the REPLY PAGE of your event.

2. In the left side admin panel please click on EVENT ACCESS and choose “Public access”.

3. You will see two buttons GET LINK and GET EMAIL.

GET LINK will show you the public link to your event, which you can integrate as needed.

GET EMAIL will send you the public email described above, which you can forward as needed.

We hope that you found this article interesting and helpful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Truly, Patrick Ribbentrop

Multiple invitation events

Events with Multiple Invitation Features

EventKingdom enables you to organize a multi invitation event, f.g. an event with more than one reply option. This can be very helpful for a Wedding with multiple invitations or a business event with multiple workshops, showings or separate VIP invitation.

Online events with multiple invitation

A large benefit is that you only need to send one email (or one paper card) and can give your recipients the choice of various reply options. All replies by your recipients land neatly on one recipient list. Additionally there is an option for inviting one recipient to all events and other recipients to only defined ones.

You can also set guest limits per invitation and add a waiting list per invitation (in case the limit is reached).

Paper events with multiple invitation

If you are planning to send PAPER INVITATIONS, you can setup the online version with multiple invitations:

  • For impersonal access (open event) each guest who visits your online registration event can reply to all options.
  • For personal access when using reply codes – you have the possibility to show reply options to selected guests, e.g. a wedding invitation with different guest lists per event or a corporate invitation with a special VIP invitation. Only the VIP guests see the VIP invitation reply option.


The feature “multi invitation event” is included in our PROFESSIONAL PLAN.

Examples of multiple invitation events

Please view some of the most common examples for this special feature:

You can find more live examples on these helpful pages: Corporate event examples and Wedding planning examples.

Fashion company fair Invitation with more than one occasionShacky

The fashion company Schaky & Jones invited to their fairs in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Munich.

They sent one email to all their partners, customers and the press.

All recipients could choose which fair they wanted to attend.


Fashion company partner day event with two invitationsGössl

The fashion company GÖSSL invited to a partner day and benefited from the multi invitation option.

All partners chould choose the option that suited them best.


Wedding with multiple invitationsWedding_Weekend_Online_Example_EventKingdom

The wedding couple invited to their Rehearsal Dinner on Friday evening, on Saturday to their Wedding Ceremony at 11 am and their Wedding Soirée at 8 pm. On Sunday they invited to a farewell brunch at 11 am.

The wedding couple designed their invitation with multiple cards, one for each invitation. They setup their four invitations on the reply page of their event. On the recipient list they were able to invite some guests to all four events and others, e.g. only to the Wedding Ceremony.

Additionally the wedding couple has the option to design a beautiful paper invitation and link it to the online wedding invitation. The wedding couple can choose any available domain, e.g. and print it on their reply card and link it to the online wedding invitation.

Paper invitation with reply codes

For more information about this special feature, which connects codes to your guest list, please visit our article “Events with personalized reply codes.”

We can ensure you that you will be extremely satisfied with all the features connected to a multiple invitation event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The feature Multiple invitation event is included in our PROFESSIONAL PLAN.


1. After purchasing the Professional or Enterprise plan please go to the REPLY PAGE of your event.

2. In the EVENT DETAILS section of the reply page please click on the button ADD INVITATION

3. You will see a confirmation pop up – please confirm.

  • You can add up to 10 invitations / reply choices
  • You can add location info to each invitation or just to the first one (if there is only one location)
  • You can easily remove invitations. (PLEASE NOTE: when you remove an invitation the corresponding recipient list will also be removed.)

We hope you enjoyed the article and look forward to working with you.

Patrick von Ribbentrop

Online Registration with personalized codes for paper invitations

Personalized Codes for Paper Invitations

Personalized codes are very helpful when you:

  • want to secure access to your event so only your guests can visit your event and view the online registration options and see the event information.
  • want to be able to identify your guests for personalization and guest management reasons, e.g. for multi event invitations if only some guests are invited to specific events. 

Please visit the example domain  and use the code  J7WXXGG4. You will see that this code is for: Ms. Daniela London. Only she can reply to this invitation.

The event link can be chosen as needed.

Reply codes can be used for all sorts of events, private or business, single or multiple events when using


1. You start by setting up your online invitation for free, which includes at least one card and the reply page.

2. You can test your online invitation by sending email invitations for free from the recipient list.

3. After registering for free – to open up your event for your paper invitations, please go to your REPLY PAGE and click on EVENT ACCESS in the left panel. Then click on PUBLIC ACCESS. If you are not yet a Professional Plan customer, you will be asked to purchase our Professional Plan. (PS: If you wish to whitelabel the online invitation, please purchase the Enterprise Plan.)

4. After purchasing the Professional Plan please go back to EVENT ACCESS where you will find 3 buttons: “GET EMAIL”, “GET LINK” and “SET ACCESS CODE”. “GET EMAIL” allows you to send yourself an “impersonal” email invitation, which you can forward as you wish. “GET LINK” is what you need for your paper invitation online registration. “Set access code” allows you to set a general code (password) to secure access to your event.

5. The event link in “GET LINK” is what you print on your paper invitations. Your paper recipients can then visit the event link and reply. You can of course setup any URL you need,  link this URL to the event link and print this URL on your paper invitation.

6. To secure your online registration event you can set a general code (password) for your event or purchase the REPLY CODE SERVICE for personal access to your online event.

7. After purchasing the Online Reply Management with REPLY CODES – every recipient you added to your recipient list will automatically receive a REPLY CODE. You can setup test recipients for free and test everything.

8. Depending on what you need – every recipient can have a name and provided contact information. Each recipient, who visits your event link and enters his/her personal code, see his/her personal invitation and contact information and can update it if necessary. Each recipient is asked to enter an email address when replying.

(Recipients with no names is also possible, but can only be added by us – so please contact us if you need this feature – e.g. if more guests might be added later – so you can print additional invitation cards with nameless codes. Recipients in this case are asked to enter email and name when they reply.)

9. After your recipient list is ready, please export it and use the excel file to print your invitation and reply cards.

10. Optional personalized QR codes: Your excel export also includes personalized links for each recipient. This enables you to generate personalized QR Codes and print them on your reply card. This allows your recipients to use their mobile e.g. to scan the QR Code and automatically land on their personalized event link.


Folded card example with extra reply card


We offer high quality paper and envelopes if you choose to order your paper invitations and reply cards at EventKingdom.

1. You can print a reply card just for the reply information, e.g. event link, code and also an email and telephone number. (It is always smart to allow your recipients to reply as they find easiest.)

2. You can print your invitation card at EventKingdom and e.g. use the back of a folded card to add all the reply information.

3. We assist in adding the reply code to your invitation or reply card.

If you are interested in design services, we have wonderfully talented designers, who can help.

In addition to assisting with the reply codes and setting up the online reply management we offer other helpful services such as:

Envelope printing

Delivery service

Guest management

We look forward to working with you!

Patrick von Ribbentrop

Simple Wedding planning

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Engagement announcement, yes or no?

The decision to announce your engagement is a matter of personal preference. Some couples do it and others find it unnecessary. Often couples just post their engagement on Facebook. Also ok! If you want to announce in digital style though, then we recommend sending a charming engagement card via online post by EventKingdom. If we are talking about celebrating your engagement, then that is a completely different question. An engagement of course is a great reason to celebrate! 😉 Best browse our design collection for engagement invitation cards. Let us know if you found a card you like. You can use it to send online invitations or order paper cards!

Wedding save the date (4-6 months)

We recommend sending a save the date card for your wedding to make sure that your friends

Wedding save the date online and paper

Wedding save the date online and paper with QR code

and family have time for your special day. Most customers choose to send their save the date card roughly 4 to 6 months before the wedding date. We do though also experience couples, who send their cards more than a year in advance.

Very important is to find a card design you love. Often couples want their invitation cards and thank you cards to match their save the date design. This of course is possible at EventKingdom, no matter if you decide to use online or paper or both. If you like the the card design with the water colored roses you can start browsing here.


A function that is often used for sending save the dates, is to collect addresses. This is helpful if you wish to invite to your wedding with classic paper cards. Please browse our paper card collection for wedding invitations to find inspiration. Couples often make use of our reply page functionality when sending their save the date card, e.g. adding travel and hotel information or contact details of the best men and brides maids.

TIP: Many customers ask us if they can integrate reply options, like “attend” and “decline” into their save the date online sending. This is technically possible, but not recommended by us. The term “save the date” speaks for itself. RSVPs (replies) are best communicated through the wedding invitation.

Wedding invitation (1 to 3 months in advance)

It is important to understand how many guests will be attending asap. We therefore recommend sending the wedding invitation at least three months in advance.

Very important is to find a design you love! A favorite flower or elements of the wedding location can be integrated into the design. Photos or an emblem can also add a personal touch. You have three options:
1. You can browse the collections of our talented designers and illustrators from all over the world.
2. You can upload your own design.
3. You ask us to design your invitation for you.

Wedding invitation

Wedding invitation example paper and online

Wedding invitation online or paper

EventKingdom offers two possibilities to send your wedding invitations:
1. Online post: You can send online post invitations and benefit from special online features and recipient monitoring and guest management.

2. Paper cards: You can order and send paper cards and benefit from fine paper and high quality print. You can order your cards and take care of the packaging yourself or you can have us do it for you.

Both optoins can be used separately or in combination.

Paper and online in combination

EventKingdom gives you the possibility to order beautiful paper cards and link them via a domain to a wedding website like Your guests can easily RSVP on the wedding website and also find all needed information concerning hotels, program, travel, registry and more.

Paper to online QR code example

Paper to online example with QR Code


If you want to be cutting edge, you can also print a QR Code onto your paper cards. Your guests can use any QR code reader or the QR Reader in the EventKingdom app to easily access the wedding website. So, you can be cool and also make the lives of some of your guests easier, giving them the option not to have to type in the wedding website domain!

Wedding App

When using online post or sending paper cards with an online connected version your guests have easy access to their wedding invitation through the EventKingdom app at all time.

App wedding

App inbox example with card view and extra pages


The days of: “Shoot, I forgot to bring the invitation with me!” are over!


Folded paper card example with envelope

Wedding invitation paper

Many wedding couples want to send paper invitations for their wedding. This is why we focus on fine paper and high quality print. In addition to our standard paper product with single and folded cards in various formats, we can also handle special wishes concerning paper or print. The best is to define this in a telephone call. Of course you can order samples any time to confirm that you are happy with the design and the paper and print quality. The design with the roses can be found here.

Wedding invitation online with reply page

Wedding invitation online with reply page

Wedding invitation online

Are you planning a wedding invitation and looking for a stylish alternative to the classic paper invitation? Then you have come to the right place! This is exactly what we do!
EventKingdom online post offers you all possibilities to be just as chic as when you send paper, but also enjoy the practical benefits of online, saving money, time and also “helping” to save the planet!

As described above you can design your card and then add additional special online features to your sending. You can choose to use the animated envelope, which you can design as you wish. You can upload your own stamp, choose a beautiful lining and even add a “prioritaire” sticker or wax seal on the back! You can select a matching background design and also add your favorite song (or even better YOUR song!).

You can add various pages to your reply page for free, e.g. “program”, “hotels”, “registry”, “contact”, “photos” and many more. You can create albums on the photo page, e.g. of the location or you as a couple and create the optimal surrounding for your wedding invitation.


Live example of a multiple wedding invitation

Wedding invitation online with multiple invitations

Weddings often have multiple invitations, e.g. Rehearsal dinner on Friday, Church ceremony and Wedding Soirée on Saturday and a Brunch invitation on Sunday. EventKingdom allows you to send one invitation and simultaneously ask for replies to all the invitations listed above – just like when you print multiple wedding invitation cards with a reply card and send an envelope. To see a real example please click on the image to the right or here. In case you additionally have different guest lists for each invitation, this is also possible. You can use the EventKIngdom guest management to select recipients for all or only certain invitations. A recipient either sees all invitation cards and can reply to all invitations or he sees only the invitations he is invited to.

Recipient monitoring and guest management

Recipient monitoring and guest management

Reminder and guest management

Thanks to the EventKingdom recipient list you can monitor your sending and manage your guest list including RSVPs for free. Reminders and messages can be sent for free at any time.

TIP: We recommend to send a reminder roughly 2 weeks before the RSVP date, in case you set such a date. Otherwise a reminder depends heavily on the event. We do not recommend to bombard your recipients with reminders. A good old telephone call or text is sometimes the better option.

Your big day!

Menu card example

Menu card example

You will surely be needing many paper products for the big day, e.g. menu cards, church booklets and table cards etc.

EventKingdom offers all products needed for your big day and can help you design or order them.

Share photos with ease

Photo page example


After your big day!

You will be most probably be enjoying your honeymoon! We wish you the best of luck and a trip to remember!! The next events “Birth announcement“, “1st birthday“,  etc. are possibly just around the corner! 😉

Before the pleasures of family planning begin, we are sure you will want to share your memories of your fabulous wedding with your guests. The best and easiest way to do this is using the free photo page on your reply page. You can add the photo page easily in the reply page editor and then upload as many albums as you wish. After publishing an album you will be displayed an option to SHARE the photos with your guests.

Send a card online or paper

Card online and paper example

Thank you!

Please dont forget to thank your guests for their wonderful gifts and also for coming from far away places and investing so much time and effort to be there for your big day.

Beautiful thank you cards on paper are recommended for weddings, but if you are modern and wish to be environmentally friendly, then online post is the next best thing! If you decide to use online post, then we can recommend using our described photo page above when sending your online thank you card. You can send one email with a wonderful thank you card and simultaneously share your photos with your guests and others.

So, that’s it for now! Thank you very much for reading our post! We hope you found some helpful information and entertainment. If you have any questions on how to use please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yours Truly,

Patrick von Ribbentrop

Simple event planning

Event Planning

EventKingdom offers every feature needed for simple event planning including:

Save the date (2-4 months in advance)

Generally we recommend sending save the dates for meaningful events. It is important to inform business partners, customers or employees of the upcoming event early so they can plan their time.  2-4 months in advance is what we see most at EventKingdom. Some customers send save the dates 6 months in advance though. It depends heavily on the occasion.

Finding the right design that matches your company and event is also important. Further below under invitations we go into more detail about our design options. Matching save the date and invitation designs are considered professional, but are not a must.

An often used function for save the dates is the collection of postal addresses for later paper invitations.  All addresses are neatly saved in your recipient list and can be easily exported and e.g. used to print your envelopes when ordering paper cards and envelopes via EventKingdom. We can gladly recommend our paper card collection for corporate invitations. Customers also often use the extra page options on reply page and show travel info, hotel info or e.g. assistant contact details.

TIP: Many customers ask us if one can request RSVPs when sending a save the date. This is technically possible and many customers do this. We though do not recommend it. The term “save the date” speaks for itself. Your guests should save the date. They will let you know if they can attend after they received their invitation.

Event invitation (1-2 months in advance)

To plan your event it is best to get an estimate of the attending guests asap. We therefore recommend sending your invitations 1 to 2 months in advance. Paper invitations are generally sent earlier than online invitations.

As stated above a nice card design is important to gain the attention of your guests. We offer three design options:
1. You can choose your favorite design from collections by well respected international designers and illustrators or special company card templates.
2. You can upload your own design, either designed by you or a designer of your choice. (This option is used by most corporate customers.)
3. You ask us to design for you.

Event invitation online or paper

EventKingdom offers you the following options to send your invitation:
1. Send online post: You can send online post invitations and benefit from many special online features and the included recipient monitoring and reply & guest management.

2. Order paper cards: Here you can benefit from many beautiful paper choices and high quality printing.  You can book our send4you service or order your cards and send them yourself.

Both options can be used separately or in combination.

Paper and online combined

The combined service of sending paper invitations with an online connection is becoming more and more popular. The benefits of online include reply management and all needed event infos for your guests, such as travel infos, accomodation, agenda, photos etc. Many customers print a URL like on their paper cards. The URL can be open or secured with a password. It is also possible to add a personal code to recognize guests when they visit your online event, which is helpful for addressing them or if you are managing different guest lists for each event.

Whoever wants to be “cutting edge”, can also print a QR code which is directly linked to the online version, so guests can use their phones easily and don’t need to type anything! 😉

Event app

All online sendings and paper/online combined events include a free app. Your guests can access the app on their iphones easily. They have acccess to your invitation and all the info pages on the reply page whenever they need it.

The day of “Shoot, I forgot the invitation” are over!

Additional pages option blue

Event website

Every online or combined paper/online sending includes an event website for free. Various helpful pages, e.g. program, agenda, hotels, contact, photos, downloads etc. can be added on the reply page of an event. This allows you to add all needed information for your invitation in one place. Your guests have access to this info all the time and can therefore plan their trip with ease.

Event invitation paper

Many corporate customers want to send paper invitations. You can design one card and choose to send it online, via paper or both. For paper we offer different types of beautiful paper and high quality printing. In addition to our standard paper product with various formats and single or folded cards, customers can ask us to organize special paper and/or printing methods. Such requests are best discussed in a call. Samples of paper cards can be ordered at any time and as often as needed. This is helpful so you can make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the paper and print.

Invitation online

You are planning an event and are searching for an online alternative to classic paper invitations? Then you have come to the right place! This was exactly the founding idea of EventKingdom.
EventKingdom online post offers you every possibility to make your online invitation just as personal and chic as a paper invitation. Additionally many features like one click reply options or accompany and contact info management make online post by EventKingdom easier than email.

Additionally special online features, such as an animated envelope with your own stamp and lining, colorful backgrounds or music integration can spice up your online invitation making it even more impressive than the paper version.  If you want you can also add a wax seal or a prioritaire sticker to your envelope. You can also include the free photo page into your invitation so your guests can e.g. get a feel of the event location before they reply.

Multiple invitation Events

Many events consist of multiple invitations, e.g. a fashion fair on 3 different days, a Theater with 3 different premiere showings or a vernisage with following private dinner invitation. At EventKingdom you can include multiple invitations in one sending – similar to a classic envelope. This not only saves your time and money, but also makes it easier for your guests to reply. If you wish to view a live example, please click the example image or here.  In case your event has different guest lists, e.g. a larger list for the vernissage and a more exquisite one for the dinner invitation, this is also possible. On the EventKingdom recipient list you can manage each invitation per recipient. Each recipient therefore only receives the invitations he is supposed to receive.


Reminder and Guest management

Using the EventKingdom recipient list with all its helpful features is included in all send outs. Main features include: monitoring your sending, e.g. tracking who has received your invitation and who has not. Managing replies and accompanies and viewing guest statistics. Tagging and filtering the recipient list to manage your sending easily and efficiently. (No recipient should be receiving unnecessary emails these days.) Messages and reminders can be sent at any time for free. (Some guests always need a bit longer to reply.)

TIP: We recommend sending a reminder roughly 2 weeks before the RSVP date. (If you chose to use the RSVP date feature.) Otherwise sending reminders is a matter of taste and depends heavily on the event.

Day of the event!

You will most likely be needing various paper products (among other things) for your event, e.g. menu cards, table cards, programs etc.

EventKingdom paper service offers all these products. We can gladly assist if you need the same design for your different paper products.

Professional Check in assistant

Quick, simple and professional CheckIn Assistant


Benefit from EventKingdom’s CheckIn assistant, which can be used easily on multiple devices and for unlimited guests.

Visit our Check in post to view photos and videos of Live Events. 

Benefit from having your checked in guest list, which can be used to create new events or for sending thank you letters or sharing photos via the photo page.








After the event!

You will most likely want to go on vacation! If you can, we wish you all the best and hope that we were able to assist you wisely in your event planning. The next event is just around the corner! 😉

So, before you are off or back to work, you might want to share the event highlights with your guests. You can do this easily by using the EventKingdom photo page, which you can add to your reply page. Here you can create albums, upload and share photos, either with all guests or just the ones, who accepted. You can view a real photo page example here.

Thank your guests

Sending beautiful thank you cards is a recommended way to close the event cycle. If you choose to send online post then we can gladly recommend our online post thank you card collection. A helpful feature when using online post is to copy over the accepted guests into a new event. This makes sending an online thank you card quick and easy.

TIP: Many customers add event photos to their thank you card online sending. This gives your thank you card a personal note and also means that you don’t need to send two emails to your guests. We can gladly assist if you wish to use the same design for your thank you card as you used for your save the date or invitation.

That’s it for now! Thank you for reading our post. We hope we gave you some interesting ideas and that you are satisfied with our product and our services!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Invitations for the next Oktoberfest party.

How to wear traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest costumes?

Traditional Dress Code for Oktoberfest or Tracht

As every year there will be Oktoberfest celebrations all around the world from the end of September to the middle of October. People will be drinking typical bavarian beer, eating pretzels and sausages. Identically important as the typical dishes is putting on the right outfit. Down below, we have come up with the most important dresscode Dos and Don’ts for your Oktoberfest party.

How to wear a Dirndl:

The Dirndl is the typical bavarian dress women like to wear attending the Oktoberfest in Munich. If you’re currently living in a country where there are no Dirndl dresses anywhere to be sold, you can easily purchase them online in all different styles and sizes. There, you should pay attention the style of the dress as it is supposed to show your personality. Furthermore, the length of the dress is important. A classic Dirndl will be as long as your ankle. This length is typically worn on festive occasions. Thigh-long Dirndl are quite popular as well. Young women usually wear Dirndl as long as their knee. A Dirndl should never be worn any shorter if a stylish look wants to be accomplished. Furthermore, the question of where to bind the bow of the apron. Is the bow tied in the front in the middle the wearer wants to point out her virginity. Therefore, young girls wear their bow in the middle. If the bow is being tied back in the middle, the wearer wants to indicate being a widow. The bow will be placed a lot more often in the front. If it is placed on the right side the woman is already taken. However, if the bow is placed on the left side the woman is still single and might be up for a little flirt.

How to wear leather pants:

Also the men should pay attention to the Oktoberfest dress code as leather pants are a must have. Paired with a trendy dress shirt with checks, stripes or plain you will look sharp. With suitable footwear, a brooch, calf warmers, suspenders, a pocket square or a nice hat your outfit will be perfected. Under no circumstances should one waive socks, and let suspenders hang down (Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing suspenders can easily pair his leather pants with a nice traditional belt). Undershirts, flip-flops and cheap traditional clothing made in China shouldn’t be worn either. Most importantly when attending an Oktoberfest party, you should be having fun. So, enjoy your Bavarian beer, your sausage or your pretzel.

If you’d like to host your own bavarian Oktoberfest party, check out EventKingdoms Oktoberfest-themed invitations and card designs and invite your guests in style.

Flower Buquet as Headder for What's your wedding style.

What’s your wedding style?

Wedding Style

Every wedding has its own style, its own color theme and even a particular motto. Therefore, also  the save-the-date cards, invitation cards, menu cards and thank you cards are designed accordingly.

Classic wedding card for what's your wedding style.

Classic Cards

Are you getting married in style on a bigger estate or a small castle? Then, our classic cards are made for you.  When opening the invitation card your guests will immediately be fascinated through simple elegance.

Special wedding invitation for what's your wedding style.








Cards with that special something

If you are rather looking for a card that is special in its own way, then you will love our cards in the style Art Nouveau or water colors. Our talented designers are creating extraordinary card designs to make every dream card come true. Therefore, you will find cards with floral designs, playful edges or in neon colors.

Photo wedding invitation for what's your wedding style.

Photo Cards

Would you rather like a picture to speak for itself, giving your card a personal touch? With photo cards by EventKingdom you may perfectly put yourself in scene and attune your guests to the big day ahead.


At EventKingdom you will find invitations that fit you and your wedding style best. You can choose from many different designs or design your card according to your wishes. There, you may send your card online or in paper format. With the practical guest management you can immediately see who of your guests will be attending your wedding and who is bringing a plus one. The wedding program, important venues and info to the contact person may easily be shared with all of your guests. Before the wedding, guests may be attuned by receiving engagement photos. After the big day, wedding photos can be shared to remember the wonderful day spent together with only a few clicks. Therefore, the fastest and easiest method of planning your wedding is through online and paper invitations, menu cards, save-the-date cards and thank you cards by Event Kingdom.

A must have for your upcoming Independence Day Party!

Independence Day

Are you hosting a big Independance Day 4th of July BBQ party this year? Nothing is better than a Hamburger or Hot Dog while relaxing in the sun with family and friends. But to make this BBQ party stand out we’ve put together five great 4th of July DIY decoration ideas for you. They will make your BBQ unforgettable.

1) Patriotic Center Piece

Have you set the table but it’s just not putting you in the Independence Day spirit yet? Here is an idea that will make your dinner table stand out. You’ll need three glass jars or vases, red and blue food coloring and a couple of daisies. Dye one jar blue and another red. Leave the third one untouched. After everything is dried down, line them up, fill in some water and place the daisies in the jars. This will make a beautiful center piece for your dinner table.

Three vases in blue, red, white(source:

2) Independence Day Themed Tin Cans

If you need something for the buffet than we have the perfect DIY decoration idea for you.  Why don’t you spray paint some old tin cans in the colors of red, white and blue to place knives, forks and spoons in. A cute white bow with little blue stars will make them stand out even more.

Three cans on a table in blue, red, white.(source:

3) Balloon Pinata for some Fun

How about a cool pinata for each of your guests?! You’ll need red, white and blue balloons and some yarn to hang them on. Gather some 4th of July themed chocolates, candies, bracelets, tattoos and sparkling necklaces. Everybody should get one balloon and a toothpick to burst the pinata.

Decoration idea with blue, red, white balloon.(

4) Colorful Stars for a Fancy Backyard

For an extra fancy backyard take out a cardboard and cut out a big star. Use water based spray paint in the colors red, white and blue to paint stars on your lawn. In using glow-in-the-dark spray paint all of your guests will be amazed when sun sets, fireworks start and the stars on your lawn begin to lighten up the night.

4th of July Painted Lawn Stars


5) Rice Lanterns for a little extra bit of Patriotic Sparkle

Another great idea to lighten up the night is to dye some rice in the colors of red and blue and layer them with some regular white rice in a glass jar. Put a candle on top and you’ll have super cute and patriotic candle lanterns.

Three glasses with colored rice.(

Feel free to check out our Pinterest page to get more inspirations.