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Bucharest Calling
Budapest Calling
Flowery fun on photo
Joy of Flowers
Helen's joy
Blue Ribbon
Sweet pink
Spring and sweet
Drop In The Ocean
Anina Takeff
Heather Hill
Anina Takeff
Large Jungle Clearing
Anina Takeff
majestic invitation
Jungle Clearing
Anina Takeff
Wedding Thing
Flaming Watercolor
Anina Takeff
My One and Only
Pickett's Press
Whitneys Muse
Red and blue delight
Victorian Engraved
Cartouche invitation 2
Sanssouci Pansy
Heather online
Curlicue Corners
Milan Flair
Ahoy Pirate
Pickett's Press
Peacock Princess
Pickett's Press
Cheerful Light Points
Pickett's Press
Water Flowers
The Pink Orange
Flower and frame
Pickett's Press
Red roses and green leave
Summer flowers
Classically Laced
Happy Putti
Golden flowers
The Pink Orange
Hortense Dream
Blue striped
The Pink Orange
Blue leaves
The Pink Orange
Delicate & Ornate
The Pink Orange
Mannerist Ball
The Pink Orange
Ornate Ball
The Pink Orange
Clover Trio
Anina Takeff
Roman romance
Dotty Polka Dots
Pickett's Press
Hang on Magnolia
Tulip Stripe
Scatter Dots online
Coconut Heaven
Pickett's Press
Laurel Leaf Band
Anina Takeff
Ornate and Gentle
The Pink Orange
Eltons Voice
Eltons Show
Floral Field
Rose Bouquet
Baroness online
Dot Wreath
Nina & Willy's Orchid
Pickett's Press
Lily & Dillon
Pickett's Press
Heart Shaped Rose
Elder at Versaille
Pickett's Press
Bright Lights
Puppies forever
Cherry Blossom Branch
Pickett's Press
Os & Xs
Pickett's Press
Arabesque Os & Xs
Pickett's Press
Eton Fun
Charming Lyon new
Rotterdam Riverside
A Night in Nice
Avignon Fun
Barcelona Bride
Days in Dijon
Southampton Days
Berlin Ball
Days in Avignon
Amsterdam by Day
Lisbon Nights
Novel by Döring
Layover in Paris
Days in Porto
Novella by Horaz
Ballad by Brecht
Ode by Schiller
Bavarian coziness
Epic by Parzival
Layover in London
Mar's happiness
Red water roses
Susan's joy
Patrick's happiness
Twice joy
Joy, joy, joy
Tim's joy
Delicate colors with photo
Delicate flowers with photo
Sweet flowers with photo
Satire by Rotterdam
Ballad by Goethe
Ballad by Brentano
Bavarian Joy of Life
Magical Nibelungen Saga
Lovely Rambling Rose
Anina Takeff
Poppy Field
Anina Takeff
Sailor's Art
Pickett's Press
Hearty Flamingos
Anina Takeff
Fable by Fontane
Camellia Canopy
Anina Takeff
Parisian Formality
Girl in Dirndl
Rose Circle
Gold Pailing Dream
Delicate blue
Pickett's Press
Elvis with color variations
Elvis classic
Colorful Athen dreams
Dream of Athens
Glowing Napoli
Colorful Cordoba
Cordoba by Day
Ball in Birmingham
Noble Grenoble
Manchester Mansion
Whitneys Groupie
A Day in Glasgow
Bright Brighton
Double Scroll Framed
Floral Corners
Corner Ornaments
Bubble Fun
Happily Ever After photo
Happily Ever After
Tears of Joy
Alma's Big Day
Elvis' Voice
Triple all yours
All Yours Twice
Sherlock Holmes
Four times All Yours
All Yours with Header
Days in Peru
Eltons Muse
Whitneys Show
Bird & Branch
All Your Space
Your Variations
All Yours Times Four
Whitneys Success
All Yours Mix
Vernal Pattern
All Yours Bottom Banner
Horse & Carriage
All Yours Double
All Yours with Footer
All Yours Thrice
Your Whole World
Versaille Days
Cork Charm
Notthingham Days
Croissant from Paris
Canterbury Castle
Marseille Ball
Norwich Days
Oxford Chic
Sky over Norway
St. Petersburg Fashion
Paris Love
A Day in Iceland
Riverside Venice
Afternoon in Sevilla
Nordcap Northern Lights
Monpellier Muse
Toulouse Ball
A Day in Cannes
Saint-Tropez Nights
Scooting Off
Sean Sims
Flower K
Album Cover
Transparent Outline
Scatter Dots
Opulent Flower Wreath
Green birds
Single Camelia
Anina Takeff
Wreath of Camellias
Anina Takeff
Tulip Trio
Anina Takeff
Palmtree Paradise
Pickett's Press
Light as a Feather
Pickett's Press
Doodles and Waves
Pickett's Press
Ahoy Gulls
Pickett's Press
Highschool Sweethearts
colorful shapes
Blue, yellow, green
Cork Pop online
Olive Grove
Anina Takeff
Cinematic Overline
The Folded Mannerist
Destination Jakarta
Fancy Mary & Paul
Cartouche invitation 1
Being Successful
Golden ornament
Gateway to Happiness
Swirl invitation
Dancing in the Rain
Back to the Roots
Shell Ornament
The Pink Orange
Colored circles
The Pink Orange
Spring Flowers
Golden flower frame
The Pink Orange
Pink flowered frame
The Pink Orange
Entangled Roses
The Pink Orange
Flower Surround
The Pink Orange
Flower Canopy
The Pink Orange
Crabs Home of Shells
Pickett's Press
Dreams do come true
Pickett's Press
Oslo Design
Madrid Layout
Lovely Stripes
La Familia Green
Tandem Day
La Familia Green
Lisbon Ball
Clover Polka Dots
Anina Takeff
Colorful Birdy
Pickett's Press
Kissing in the Dark
Anina Takeff
Lovely Pats on the Back
Pickett's Press
Poems on the Door
Wading Flamingos
Anina Takeff
Love Love Love Love
Frederick Strasche
Cork pop 2
Birds on a Wire
Cinematic Asymetric
Sound of Hearts
Italian Cuisine
Double Bubble
Four Couples
Nine Windows
Nine Views
Hot Air Balloon
Villa in Rome
Enchanted Garden
Fancy Love Birds
Frederick Strasche
Mr & Mrs
Frederick Strasche
Jungle Snapshot
Pickett's Press
Paula the Parrot
Pickett's Press
Cartouche Lady
Cherub Coronation
Vintage Angel
Floral All Over
Delicate Ornament
The Pink Orange
Magnolia Canopy
The Pink Orange
Plaid Linen
Plated Peacock
Pickett's Press
Eltons Groupie
Lighthearted Lizzy
Horse and Cake
Tulip Stripe online
Grand Ball Belle
Cherub Letterpress Baby
Ballroom Ornament
Knapp Circle
Rose Bubble
Cat Eyes
Hang on Magnolia online
Fun in the Sun
California Arabesque
The Pink Orange
Runaway Crab
Pickett's Press
Lace & Doodles
Pickett's Press
Cherry Blossom
Lilac Madness
Wild Jungle
Pickett's Press
San Francisco Dreams
Delicate Coronet
Physalis Encounter
Welcome to Harrods
Park Cities
Love Crickets
Made for Two
Butterfly Escape
The Pink Orange
Seriously Lovely
The Pink Orange
Dotted All Over
Pickett's Press
Renee & Carlos
Pickett's Press
Anchor Drop
Pickett's Press
Mysterious Mannerist
The Pink Orange
Royal Gardens
Framed and Decorated
The Pink Orange
Barrel Cross Section
The Pink Orange
Stripes and Brackets
The Pink Orange
Turntable Celebration
Pickett's Press
Magic Forest
Anina Takeff
Mom & Baby Footer
You & Me Right
Bachs Vision
Bachs Muse
Star Struck
Pickett's Press
Making Waves
Pickett's Press
Botanic Garden
Art Deco
Checkered Walls
Autumn Delight
Of Berries and Leaves
Dark Day turning Sunny
Castello Cavallo
The Pink Orange
Yellow Birds on a Wire
Bellflower Brilliance

Wedding invitation card designs for online invitations with free wedding websites and guest management or paper orders with matching envelopes.

Wedding Invitations – Beautiful and Helpful

Planning your wedding invitation with the help of EventKingdom - paperless or with paper - will offer you the optimal way to invite your family and friends to the most important day of your life and help you tie the knot!

Are you looking for a special card design for your wedding invitations cards, e.g. cocktail type invitation or traditional classical invitation cards or a special themed design like art-nouveau?

At EventKingdom you can find a large collection of beautifully designed cards by our talented designers and illustrators, whose designs we love and can recommend very much. Every card including illustration, drawing, text and sometimes photos has been designed and aligned with the utmost care.

Beautiful Wedding Invitation Cards in 4 Steps:

1. Choose Card Design: Choose your favorite wedding invitation card design and find it quickly by using our various filter options, e.g. classic, chic, winter or fun.

2. Edit Card Design: Customize your wedding invitation card with your own text and your own photos. Add more cards to your invitations, e.g. one for each wedding event, like rehearsal dinner, soirée, brunch etc. Add the personal addressing of your guests to each card if you wish.

3. Choose and design your animated envelope.

4. Add your recipients and send paperless invitations or order fine paper cards.

Online Invitations or Paper Card Invitations or Both!

1. Animated Paperless Invitation: When sending paperless wedding invitations you can boost the invitation design immensely, e.g. by using the animated envelope which you can design to your wishes, e.g. by choosing the envelope color and adding a frame & images or uploading your own stamp. You can also send two or more cards and set them as front and back with a card turning effect! Additionally you can choose from a collection of background designs for your sending and also upload your favorite music. Please visit our great list of Invitation examples to see what is possible and to get ideas.

2. Paper Cards: When ordering paper cards you can design your card with your personal text and photos. You can also choose to add and design the sender and recipient addresses to your envelope. Later you can upload your recipient addresses for printing so you can send easily or optionally use our sending service.

3. You can of course also choose to send both, some wedding invitations online and some via paper cards or both.

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