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Corporate invitations are perfect for professional events and other settings where professional invitations are needed. Use our online invitation and guest management platform to ensure a successful event.

Online Invitation to your Company Event

Set the agenda with our online corporate event invitations. You’ll find designs perfect for key meetings, conferences and annual celebrations with tools to help you keep your plans running smoothly. Whether your business communicates with personal addressing on envelopes and cards or with a more creative approach, you’ll find invitations from leading designers that match your needs or you can upload your own design. To get a better understanding please view live corporate invitation examples with helpful descriptions on functionality and pricing. With the help of our design tool you can add your personal touch, from editing fonts and photos to uploading your logo, adding music, changing the background design and much more.

Event Time Line

Please visit our Event Time Line to gain a good understanding in how to organize your event best and what you need to look out for.

Invitation Tracking and Guest Management

Monitoring your sending and managing your replies and guests is included in every online invitation - if you choose to use it of course. You can also remove the reply options or link your event to Eventbrite to sell tickets. Please view our guest management for more detailed info.

White Label Customization

By purchasing the Enterprise Plan you enable us to customize your online invitation to your corporate identity, including URL and sender email. Additionally, on a project basis we can make changes to the navigation, font and color settings for your account. This enables you to have an incorporated professional online and paper invitation service for all sorts of events like shareholder meetings, corporate anniversaries, and yearly company holiday parties.