online invitations - Oktoberfest

Beer celebration
Bavarian table cloth
You're ready
Girl in Dirndl
Boy in Letherpants
I like ya!
Munich Flair
Bavarian Tablecloth
Special Prezel
Bavarian Pride
White Sausage Feast
Crazy about Prezels
Bavarian Flag
Couple Dances
Prezel Love
Prezel Fun
Dancing Couple
Oktoberfest essentials
Oktoberfest with photos
Lederhosen close up
Hops and Beer
Bavarian streamer
Essentials with photos
Beer and pretzels
All good
Nothing missing
Novel by Döring
Novella by Horaz
Ballad by Brecht
Ode by Schiller
Bavarian coziness
Epic by Parzival
Satire by Rotterdam
Ballad by Goethe
Ballad by Brentano
Bavarian Joy of Life
Magical Nibelungen Saga
Fable by Fontane
Daisy Dreams
Plaid Linen

Our Octoberfest Invitation designs are perfect for the special occasion or other Tracht invitations.
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Invitation Cards for the Oktoberfest

You are looking for an invitation card for traditional invitations, e.g. for Oktoberfest or bachelorette party in traditional costume? At EventKingdom you will find a large selection of amusing and classic traditional invitation cards, whether with leather pants, with dirndl or with classic Bavarian pattern. Each card, including writing, is made with love and prepared for you.

Oktoberfest Invitation Cards in just 4 Steps:

1. Choose a design: choose your favorite costume invitation card. Use the filters to find your favorite design faster, whether with a photo or without.

2. Customize the card design: individualize your Oktoberfest card with your own text and photos.

Festive Invitation Cards for Every Occasion in just 4 Steps:

1. Choose a design: Pick your favorite invitation card.

2. Customize the card design: You can personalize your invitation card with your own text and photos.

3. Select and design the envelope.

4. Order paper cards or send online.

Send Online or Paper Cards or Both!

1.Online Post: With the Online Post you can design your sending in an extraordinary way: send e.g. an animated envelope that you can design completely, including color, your own stamp, inner lining and seal. You can also customize the show's background design and add your favorite music. Online invitation examples can be found here.

2. Paper cards: In addition to your cards, you can also design your envelope for printing and order them or have them sent by us. Find out more about our paper product or visit our Paper cards for festive occasions.

3. Of course, you can also easily do both!

You would like to test first or order a paper card sample?

For paperless online post you can send yourself as many test mails as you wish to make sure that everything is perfect. When ordering paper, you can check our paper and print quality by ordering each card as a sample.