Wedding invitation and card examples

Learn from other wedding couples and find inspiration for your own big day

Wedding couples use online post by EventKingdom to organize their whole wedding or for certain events, e.g. starting with an online wedding save the date and following it up with an online wedding invitation. Below we describe online functionality and prices based on different wedding occasions.If you are more interested in ordering paper cards for your wedding invitation or combining paper and online please view our wedding invitations paper card collection. Please find helpful notes by our wedding planning team in our recommended wedding time line.

Wedding save the date

  • Wedding couple searched for classic and found this lovely save the date card.
  • They customized their envelope by choosing a burgundy color and adding a silk lining.
  • They edited the text on the card to their wishes.
  • They enjoyed seeing if all their save the dates were opened and receiving comments from their guests.
  • Guests easily added their postal addresses for a planned paper invitation.
  • Cost: 3 stamps per sending
  • Total cost example for 100 invitations: 300 stamps View stamps packages and prices

Wedding invitation with personalized card

  • Wedding couple searched for elegant and found this beautiful card.
  • They chose to include the name of their recipients on the card to add a personal touch.
  • Recipients can be addressed differently on envelopes (option 1) and cards (option 2).
  • They customized envelope and lining to their wishes and chose a matching backgroud design.
  • Hosts enjoyed monitoring their guest list and editing the RSVP status by hand if needed.
  • They added the photo page to their reply page and shared photos after the event (for free).
  • Cost: 5 stamps per sending
  • Total cost example for 200 invitations: 1000 stamps View stamps packages and prices

Wedding with up to 5 separate invitations

  • The families invited to the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception, wedding soirée and brunch
  • A classic design card was chosen for each invitation.
  • They benefited from the multi invitation event option available in the professional plan allowing them to send only one email and not five.
  • Music Ave Maria was added to give the special touch.
  • Some guests received all 4 cards and some only the wedding ceremony or reception invitations.
  • Guests replied easily via the wedding website (see right) which is included in every invitation (for free).
  • A Wedding App with all needed functionality for your guests is included for free.
  • Hosts enjoyed monitoring their guest list and editing it by hand if needed.
  • Cost: 9 stamps per sending
  • Total cost example for 300 invitations: 2700 stamps View stamps packages and prices
Online wedding reply page example showing the photo page

Wedding reply page showing photo page

  • Wedding couple added many helpful pages, e.g. program, hotels, registry etc. for free.
  • Guests received their invitations or viewd photos on tablets, mobiles or desktops (all optimized)
  • A Wedding app with all features is included in all online sendungs for free.
  • When using paper an online version with free guest management can be setup at any time.
  • The public event option available in the Professional plan enables your guests to benefit from all online features.
  • Hosts shared photos with their guests after the event for free.

Engagement invitation with photo card

  • Couple searched for photo cards and found this cool card.
  • They added their photo and customized the text to their wishes.
  • They customized their envelope by choosing a matching blue color and gold lining.
  • Hosts enjoyed monitoring their guest list and editing it by hand if needed.
  • Hosts easily collected postal addresses for their planned Wedding letter invitation.
  • Cost: 3 stamps per sending
  • Total cost example for 50 invitations: 150 stamps View stamps packages and prices
Online wedding save the date matching a planned paper invitation

Matching online version of paper card

  • The wedding couple impressed their guests with an online save the date that matched their Wedding invitation.
  • They easily collected postal addressed for their planned paper wedding invitation.
  • They ordered their paper invitations through EventKingdom.
  • Cost: 1 stamp per sending (online)
  • Total cost example for 60 invitations: 60 stamps View stamps packages and prices

Wedding planning with ease. Find out how we can helo you:

  • Send wedding save the dates, wedding invitations or thank your cards in your language of choice.
  • English, German and French are supported, more to follow soon.
  • Choose your favorite design from our online wedding save the date or wedding invitations and adapt text, color and typography to your own style.
  • Add images and logos to complete your design.
  • Choose from our amazing range of specially designed photo cards and add your photos easily.
  • Be totally free and choose to upload your own card design - e.g. if you have something very special in mind.
  • Design your own envelope by choosing paper and lining colors, adding logos, an own stamp, a priorty sticker and even a seal on the back.
  • Choose to remove the envelope and send only your designed card.
  • You can also have us create your dream design. You can have your own personally designed envelope or card(s).
  • Create up to 5 invitations for 1 event e.g. a wedding: rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, wedding dinner and brunch.
  • Add up to 8 cards to your sending e.g. for separate invitations or to create cover cards (photos).
  • Address your recipients personally (casual or formal including titles) or send your card(s) without your recipient’s name.
  • Deliver to your recipient’s email or Facebook inboxes and impress them with a personalized and animated envelope.
  • Make your event public and share your online post sending via a link or unpersonalized email. All visitors can reply with name and email.
  • Use the public event to connect your paper invitation to an online version to easily collect RSVPs.
  • Let your recipients enjoy simple access to their invitation via the EventKingdom wedding app.
  • Enjoy our recipient monitoring and management tools for free.
  • Enjoy our website features for free - including a photo page to easily share photos with your guests.
  • Enjoy receiving and collecing your recipient's comments.
  • Collect postal addresses easily in case you wish to send classic invitations via post.
  • Easily re-send free of charge if your sendings were not received.
  • Easily re-use the same recipient list for future sendings.
  • Invite your love one as a co-organizer to help plan your event together.
  • If you wish to send paper cards, please browse our paper card collection.
  • Read more about our paper product here.
  • Read more about our paper services, e.g. design, hand writing or delivery services.
  • Visit our Plans and Pricing page to find the correct plan for your event.