Simple Pricing

Design & paper services

EventKingdom lovely designs can be chosen and customized. If you have any special wishes,
we would be delighted to make them happen. Further below please find our hand written and delivery services.

  • PURCHASE $29

    Color template customization

    We can adjust the colors of our existing designs to fit the palette of your event 1 business day
  • PURCHASE $29

    Logo adjustment

    We can help incorporate your logo into the card of your choice 1 business day
  • PURCHASE $19

    EventKingdom Logo Removal

    Some paper card designs include an EventKingdom logo on the back.
    We can remove the logo at your request.
    1 business day
  • PURCHASE $49

    Text layout

    We can help edit and place your text into the card of your choice 1 business day
  • PURCHASE $199

    Tailormade design

    Our design team can help you create your card design up to 1 week
  • PURCHASE $199

    Video or other external link integration

    Send us your link and we will connect your card to it. 1 business day
  • PURCHASE $19

    Music integration

    You can upload your own music file, but if you need help,
    let us find your song and do it for you.
    1 business day
  • PURCHASE $49

    Domain integration for Online management

    We can organize an event domain for the online registration to your paper sending 1 business day
  • PURCHASE $199

    Online reply management for paper with REPLY CODES

    Upload and export your recipient list and integrate reply codes into your print. Export includes personalized links, e.g. to print personalized QR codes. 1 business day

Additional design & paper services

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