Featured designers - Pickett's Press

Kate Pickett has loved drawing, illustrations, letterpress printing and beautiful paper practically since birth. With an art teacher for a mother, friends often joke that Kate was born with a paintbrush in her hand. When she was a little girl, the first thing she had to do after returning from a party was sit down and write a thank you note. She quickly learned that the nicer the paper, the more fun to write! Thus began her love of stationery, and her eye for good printing and design. She wants everyone to love writing on their stationery as much as she does on beautiful paper with a beautiful font and motif.

Kate and EventKingdom are thrilled to bring her passion for beautiful writing and wonderful designs to the digital world. Having enjoyed phenomenal success with paper, she is excited to bring her invitations and cards online, where they can be enjoyed by new and old customers alike.