online invitations - Cocktails

Party confetti animated
The Wasp
Meridian Design
Golden CD
Champagne popping with glasses animated
Fireworks animated
Cocktail glasses animated
Turn, Turn, Turn animated
Lets party animated
Isabell Wirtz
Animated Cocktails Dinner and Dancing
Blue and green
Cocktails by the water
Colorful cocktails with photo
Smashing fun
Pickett's Press
Please join us
Pop online
Fairy Dust
Scary time
Anina Takeff
Dark, darker, black
Anina Takeff
Isabell Wirtz
Amor Pop
party bw
Cheers with Feather
Oyster Bay
Delicate blue
Pickett's Press
Little and lots
Pickett's Press
Elvis with color variations
Elvis classic
Eltons Success
Double Scroll Framed
Cocktail frame
A grand evening
Light in the Darkness
A Night in New York
The Agony of Choice
A Night in Milan
Record Fans
Elvis' Groupie
Nenas Show
Nenas Success
A Night in Miami
Elvis' Muse
Pretty with a Bow
Sean Sims
Scatter Dots
Opulent Flower Wreath
Golden Delights
Anina Takeff
Cocktail with orange
Small snow flake
Pickett's Press
Pine tree
Pickett's Press
Colorful cocktails
Pickett's Press
Small flower
Pickett's Press
Cork Pop online
Cartouche invitation 1
Golden ornament
Wine barrel
The Pink Orange
Golden flower frame
The Pink Orange
Double Scroll
Avantgarde Sunset
Cork pop 2
Lady in grey
Hot Air Balloon
Villa in Rome
Calligraphy Cocktails
Pickett's Press
Elvis' Success
Grand Ball Belle
Forbidden Delights
Badge Bash
Lets celebrate
Dotted All Over
Pickett's Press
Turntable Celebration
Pickett's Press
Shaken Not Stirred
Pickett's Press
Set-up in Bordeaux
Pickett's Press
Polka Dot Dream
Cant wait for 2024
2024 cut out large
Art-Deco golden leaves
Isabell Wirtz
Art-Deco golden shells
Isabell Wirtz
2023 cut out
Art Deco golden frame
Isabell Wirtz
Art Deco with fountain
Isabell Wirtz
Shells together
Pickett's Press
Golden Merry
Summer BBQs
Eton Fun
Golden 2020s
2020 Golden Glitter
Reaady for Take off
Silver CD
Black vinyl record
Animated Cassette
Isabell Wirtz
Love for cassettes
Class of 2019 Champagne
Class of 2019 golden
Class of 2019 colorful
Class of 2019 shine
Class of 2019 Dress
Class of 2019 modern
Class of 2019 lights
Class of 2019 Black tie
Snowing in NY animated
Cheers Cheers animated
Champagne glasses nudging in green
Bubbles animated
Fireworks close up animated
Drummer animated
Animated golden frame portait
Animated golden frame landscape
Animated Cocktails and Dinner
Rotterdam Riverside
A Night in Nice
Garden lights
Oktoberfest essentials
Oktoberfest with photos
Flowery fun on photo
Tropical Cocktails
Colorful beach balls
Beer celebration
Lederhosen close up
Hops and Beer
Fun under the sun
Bavarian streamer
Bavarian table cloth
Lobsters and clams
Essentials with photos
You're ready
Beer and pretzels
All good
Well prepared
Gotta love it
Nothing missing
Looking good
lovely Giraffe
Pickett's Press
Beach bag Hamptons
Pickett's Press
Crab cakes
Pickett's Press
Fish special
Pickett's Press
Lobster drawn
Pickett's Press
Flip Flops rule
Pickett's Press
Dolphin fun
Pickett's Press
Beautiful flower
Pickett's Press
Colorful party deco
Avignon Fun
Barcelona Bride
Days in Dijon
Southampton Days
Berlin Ball
Days in Avignon
Amsterdam by Day
Lisbon Nights
Days in Porto
Red water roses
Runaway Girl
Viennese Ball
Surrounded by Fireworks
Road to Success
Anina Takeff
Lovely Rambling Rose
Anina Takeff
Drop In The Ocean
Anina Takeff
Heather Hill
Anina Takeff
Bark it Out
La Familia Green
Poppy Field
Anina Takeff
Hearty Flamingos
Anina Takeff
Diamond Ringer
Anina Takeff
Mesmerising Marble
Anina Takeff
Ink Whirlwind
Anina Takeff
Large Jungle Clearing
Anina Takeff
Camellia Canopy
Anina Takeff
Jungle Clearing
Anina Takeff
Parisian Formality
Pale Drinks
Flaming Watercolor
Anina Takeff
Donau Boat Tour
Invitation bw
Please join us cut out
Party cut out
Dance all Night Long
Gold Pailing Dream
Bob cut
Isabell Wirtz
Gold Art Deco
Roaring bay
Elvis on handmade paper
Promenade in Napoli
Ball in Birmingham
Sun over photo
Dots of paint
Lines of grey
Eat Drink Merry
Floral Corners
Victorian Engraved online
Victorian Engraved
Corner Ornaments
Gold and silver stars
Party all night
Bubble Fun
up and down
Big Eat Drink Merry
Cocktails and Dinner
Mozarts celebration
Cocktails and Champagne
Golden beauty landscape
Golden beauty high
Tears of Joy
Alma's Big Day
Shimmer Charm
Colorful Rose Wreath
Earthday Feast
Mysterious Deep See
A Night in Bangkok
Dressed with Hat
Wine Selection
As Deep as the Ocean
A Night in Paris
Dance all Night
Royal Fun
Whitneys Success
Days in Versaille
Ice Queens Magic
Raise your Glass
Patriotic in Brighton
A Day to Remember
George in Washington
Floral Mess
Bug on Top
Patriotic in London
Patriotic in Arizona
Crescent Beauty
Patriotic in Alaska
Cork Charm
Notthingham Days
Croissant from Paris
Sean Sims
Happy Poppie
Sean Sims
Album Cover
Transparent Outline
Palm tree frame
Single Camelia
Anina Takeff
Wreath of Camellias
Anina Takeff
Tulip Trio
Anina Takeff
Ahoy Pirate
Pickett's Press
Peacock Princess
Pickett's Press
Cheerful Light Points
Pickett's Press
Water Flowers
The Pink Orange
Beach and sun
Water mirrors
Party Time
Frederick Strasche
Large hibiscus
Yellow and green flowers
Island and sailboats
Flower and frame
Pickett's Press
Pine apple fun
Pickett's Press
Red wine art deco
Highschool Sweethearts
Olive Grove
Anina Takeff
Cinematic Overline
On the Spotlight
Table Setting
Being Successful
Happy Putti
Gateway to Happiness
Swirl invitation
Dancing in the Rain
Back to the Roots
Shell Ornament
The Pink Orange
Golden flowers
The Pink Orange
Colored circles
The Pink Orange
Hortense Dream
Spring Flowers
Blue striped
The Pink Orange
Blue leaves
The Pink Orange
Pink flowered frame
The Pink Orange
Entangled Roses
The Pink Orange
Flower Surround
The Pink Orange
Mannerist Ball
The Pink Orange
Flower Canopy
The Pink Orange
Ornate Ball
The Pink Orange
Mandala Chic
Pickett's Press
Pickett's Press
Swim Together
La Familia Green
This is Gonna Hurt
La Familia Green
Oslo Design
Madrid Layout
Mysterious Animals
La Familia Green
Lisbon Ball
Clover Polka Dots
Anina Takeff
Clover Trio
Anina Takeff
Multilingual HELLO!
Frederick Strasche
Kissing in the Dark
Anina Takeff
Lovely Pats on the Back
Pickett's Press
Poems on the Door
Wading Flamingos
Anina Takeff
Cinematic Asymetric
Sound of Hearts
Italian Cuisine
Double Bubble
Four Couples
Nine Windows
Nine Views
Embossed Golf Ball
Party Talk
Frederick Strasche
Lolipop Martini
Pickett's Press
Cesars Wreath
Anina Takeff
Laurel Leaf Band
Anina Takeff
Plated Peacock
Pickett's Press
Eltons Groupie
Lighthearted Lizzy
Circular Overlap
Pickett's Press
Ballroom Ornament
Ice Princess' Magic
Knitting for Beginners
Patriotic in Maryland
Swollows flying high
Patriotic Tendencies
Patriotic in Nebraska
Patriotic in Florida
Strawberry Candy
Blushing Bunting
Cake Stand Confetti
Bitter-Sweet Kisses
Bubbly Bash
Champagne? Yes, please!
Dance until Sundown
Gulp the Pop
Pickett's Press
San Francisco Dreams
Delicate Coronet
Physalis Encounter
Welcome to Harrods
Anchor Drop
Pickett's Press
Os & Xs
Pickett's Press
Betty's Big Day
Star Struck
Pickett's Press
Sand Dollar
Pickett's Press
Botanic Garden
Art Deco
Checkered Walls
Autumn Delight
Of Berries and Leaves
Dark Day turning Sunny
Gods of Olympus
Reward Yourself
Luxurious Mascerade Ball
Feathery Mask
Fete de la Musique
Moments of Joy
Helau & Alaaf!
Mr. Holmes solves it all
Angel Skull
Viva Colonia
Clown nose and Hat
Dancing Charlatan
Gatsby Stucco
Anina Takeff
A Dream Come True
Stylish in Stips
Champagne Ring
Pickett's Press
Like a Rockstar
Glad Tidings
Embroidered Gown
Yellow Birds on a Wire
Sitting Comfortably
Patriotic in Kansas
Patriotic in Texas
Californian Patriot

Celebration invitations online for balls, soirees, and all sorts of parties.
For formal events and grand parties, browse our celebration invitations and choose your favorite.

Invitation Cards for Cocktail Party

You are looking for an invitation card for a party or a festive family event, e.g. with a bottle of champagne or animated disco lights or retro invitation cards such as cassette, record or CD? At EventKingdom you will find a large selection of imaginative and classic invitation cards for festive occasions, whether with cocktails, with gold decoration or with beautiful floral decoration.

You can also customize a large selection of classic invitation cards or animated invitation cards. Each card, including writing, is made with love and prepared for you.

Festive Invitation Cards for Every Occasion in just 4 Steps:

1. Choose a design: Pick your favorite invitation card. Use the filters to find your favorite design faster, whether with a photo or without.

2. Customize the card design: You can personalize your invitation card with your own text and photos to suit the occasion.

3. Select and design the envelope.

4. Order paper cards or send online.

Send Online or Paper Cards or Both!

1.Online Post: With the Online Post you can design your sending in an extraordinary way: send e.g. an animated envelope that you can design completely, including color, your own stamp, inner lining and seal. You can also customize the show's background design and add your favorite music. Online invitation examples can be found here.

2. Paper cards: In addition to your cards, you can also design your envelope for printing and order them or have them sent by us. Find out more about our paper product or visit our Paper cards for festive occasions.

3. Of course, you can also easily do both!

You would like to test first or order a paper card sample?

For paperless online post you can send yourself as many test mails as you wish to make sure that everything is perfect.

When ordering paper, you can check our paper and print quality by ordering each card as a sample.