online invitations - Anniversary

Glowing 25th anniversary
25th with silver sparkle
5th anniversary gold animated
Animated Golden 50
Silver CD
Gold Pailing Dream
Corner Ornaments
Tears of Joy
Shimmer Charm
Ice Queens Magic
Flower K
The Pink Orange
colorful shapes
Blue, yellow, green
Budapest Ball
Bucharest Ball
Double bubble circles
Windowpane You & Me
50 Years
End of Work
Do it Again
Swirl invitation
The Pink Orange
Pink flowered frame
The Pink Orange
Cesars Wreath
Anina Takeff
Ice Princess' Magic
Checkered Walls
Art-Deco golden leaves
Art-Deco golden shells
2023 cut out
Art Deco golden frame
Art Deco with fountain
Founded 1922
Founded 1942
Born 1952
Born 1962
Born 1972
Born 1982
Born 2002
Born 1992
Born 2012
Eton Fun
Born 2010 landscape
Born 1980 landscape
Born 2000 landscape
Born 1990 landscape
Born 1960 landscape
Born 1940 landscape
Born 1950 landscape
Double Digits with photo
Big Two O with photo
Big Three O with photo
Big Four O with photo
Big Six O with photo
Big Eight O with photo
Big Seven O with photo
Five 0 landscape
Born in 1970 small
Big Five 0
Born in 1970 large
The Wasp
Meridian Design
Sparkling 25th anniversary
5th anniversary with colors
Amazing 5th blue animated
50 colorful years
50 cool years
Golden 50 forever
Animated 10 cool
Animated 10 cool italic
10 years golden
10 years golden italic
Animated colorful 10th
Animated colorful 10
Reaady for Take off
Golden CD
Black vinyl record
Animated Cassette
Love for cassettes
50 fifty
Meridian Design
Rotterdam Riverside
Celebrate 2018
Anniversary 2019
Anniversary 2018
A Night in Nice
Avignon Fun
Barcelona Bride
Days in Dijon
Berlin Ball
Amsterdam by Day
Lisbon Nights
Lovely Rambling Rose
Anina Takeff
Drop In The Ocean
Anina Takeff
Heather Hill
Anina Takeff
Poppy Field
Anina Takeff
Hearty Flamingos
Anina Takeff
Large Jungle Clearing
Anina Takeff
Camellia Canopy
Anina Takeff
Jungle Clearing
Anina Takeff
Flaming Watercolor
Anina Takeff
Party cut out
Noble Grenoble
Double Scroll Framed
Floral Corners
Victorian Engraved online
Victorian Engraved
Bubble Fun
Bed in the Cornfield
St. Petersburg Fashion
Nordcap Northern Lights
Monpellier Muse
Toulouse Ball
Saint-Tropez Nights
Album Cover
Transparent Outline
Scatter Dots
Single Camelia
Anina Takeff
Tulip Trio
Anina Takeff
Wreath of Camellias
Anina Takeff
Flock of Balloons
Anina Takeff
Golden Delights
Anina Takeff
Rainbow Feast
Water Flowers
The Pink Orange
Highschool Sweethearts
Cork Pop online
Tree Medallion
Olive Grove
Anina Takeff
Cinematic Overline
Laurel Shimmer
Anina Takeff
Eight Ball Dot
Cartouche invitation 1
Happy Putti
Hortense Dream
Spring Flowers
Blue striped
The Pink Orange
Entangled Roses
The Pink Orange
Flower Surround
The Pink Orange
Mannerist Ball
The Pink Orange
Flower Canopy
The Pink Orange
Ornate Ball
The Pink Orange
Clover Polka Dots
Anina Takeff
Clover Trio
Anina Takeff
Floating Gift
Anina Takeff
Kissing in the Dark
Anina Takeff
Love Love Love Love
Frederick Strasche
Wading Flamingos
Anina Takeff
Cork pop 2
Cinematic Asymetric
Sound of Hearts
Italian Cuisine
Double Bubble
Four Couples
Nine Windows
Nine Views
Scatter Dots online
Fancy Love Birds
Frederick Strasche
Mr & Mrs
Frederick Strasche
Laurel Leaf Band
Anina Takeff
Cherub Coronation
Vintage Angel
Floral Field
Dot Wreath
Forbidden Delights
Knapp Circle
Birdies & Paper Chain
Dog wants to Fly
Lets celebrate
Cake Stand Confetti
Looking good in Stripes
Bubbly Bash
Champagne? Yes, please!
Dance until Sundown
Betty's Big Day
Botanic Garden
Art Deco
Of Berries and Leaves
Dark Day turning Sunny

Anniversary Invitations are perfect for golden or silver anniversary parties.
Customize our Anniversary Invitations online and send to your guests.

Online Invitation to Your Company Anniversary or Wedding Anniversary

Create a beautiful online anniversary invitation with one of our many templates or upload your own design. You’ll find designs perfect for special celebrations like your 10th anniversary, 25th, 30th or 50th Anniversary. You can also search for designs with gold, perfect for Golden Anniversaries or silver, perfect for Silver Anniversary Celebrations. Whether your business communicates with classic personal addressing on animated envelopes and cards or with a more creative approach, you’ll find lots of invitations from leading designers that match your needs or you can upload your own design. To get a better understanding please view live corporate invitation examples with helpful descriptions on functionality and pricing. With the help of our design tool you can add your personal touch, from editing fonts and photos to uploading your logo, adding music, changing the background design and much more.

Event Time Line

Please visit our Event Time Line to gain a good understanding in how to organize your event best and what you need to look out for.

Invitation Tracking, Guest Management and Check in

Monitoring your sending and managing your replies and guests is included in every online invitation - if you choose to use it of course. You can also remove the reply options and link your event to your own reply page or to Eventbrite to sell tickets. Please view our guest management for more detailed info. Your guest list can additionally be easily used for Check In and Name badge printing.

White Label Customization

By purchasing the Enterprise Plan you enable us to customize your online invitation to your corporate identity, including URL and sender email. Additionally, on a project basis we can make changes to the navigation, font and color settings for your account. This enables you to have an incorporated professional online and paper invitation service for all sorts of events like shareholder meetings, corporate anniversaries, and yearly company holiday parties.