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Eggs falling
Merry Christmas red animated
Happy Holidays white animated
Congrat-ulations animated
2021 confetti card
Happy Birthday confetti animated
Happy New Year confetti animated
2020 animated confetti
Confetti 2019 animated
New Year Fireworks animated
Cheers with Champagne animated
Bottles popping animated
Blinking stars card
Golden shining stars
Open me finally
Funky Rudolph
So excited
Lights turning on
Rudolph having fun
Glowing Christmas Balls
Santas having fun
Champagne Xmas animated
Growing mountain of presents
Leaning mountain of presents
Blinking Christmas Frame
Merry Christmas white animated
Happy Holidays red animated
Merry Christmas gold animated
Merry Christmas green animated
Happy Holidays green animated
Happy Holidays gold animated
Congratulation animated
Congrats animated
Merry Xmas from Frosty
Happy Frosty

Browse our Animated Cards card design collection for online cards and announcements and choose your favorite. Customize and send with recipient monitoring.

Animated Greeting Cards

Our designers have created animated cards for you for many different occasions, e.g. for Happy New Year or Birthday Greetings with nudging champagne glasses or popping champagne bottles or beautifully exploding Fireworks

Or are you maybe looking for a special animated card design for your Christmas or Holiday Greetings, e.g. designs with sparkling stars, trees, Santa carrying a mountain of presents or a dancing Gingerbread man.

At EventKingdom you can find a large collection of beautifully designed animated cards by our talented designers and illustrators, who we appreciate and whose designs we love very much. Every card including illustration, text and sometimes photos has been designed and aligned with tremendous care.

Lovely Online Cards with Animated Designs in 4 Steps:

1. Choose card design: choose the card design you like best.

2. Edit card design: customize your animated card with your own text and your own photos. Add the personal addressing of your guests to each card if you wish.

3. Choose and design your animated envelope.

4. Add your recipients and send paperless online cards.

Online Cards – More Benefits!

1. Animated online cards: When sending online you can boost the card sending immensely, e.g. by using the animated envelope which you can design to your wishes, e.g. by choosing the envelope color and adding a frame, logos & images or uploading your own stamp. You can also send two or more cards and set them as front and back with a card turning effect! Additionally you can choose from a collection of background designs for your sending and als upload your favorite music. Please visit our great list of Card examples to see what is possible and to get ideas.

Are you interested in testing our online product?

When sending online cards, you can send yourself as many cards for free as you wish until your sending is perfect.

Are you interested in sending lovely animated invitation cards?

Please browse our designer Animated Invitation cards