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Avignon save the date - P
Bordeaux save the date - P
Eton save the date - LS
Eton P save the date - P
Avignon save the date - LS
Bordeaux save the date - LS
Big green love
Cute surroundings
Delicate flowers
ligh blue carefree
Photos and flowers
Haydns Vision
Blossoming life
Floral decoration
Anina Takeff
Majestic save the date
Brahms Creations
Haydns Muse
Palmtree Destination
Pickett's Press
Warm hearted
Meridian Design
Large drawn heart
Meridian Design
Victorian Engraved online
Penned In
Carefree in red
Roots save the date
Corner Ornaments save the date
Joy save the date
Swirl save the date
Golden save the date
Shell save the date
Alma's save the date
Pailing Dream House save the date
Cartouche save the date
Cartouche photo save the date
Transparent curve
Cartouche save the date 2
Blue heaven
Colorful Rose Wreath
Flower Shimmer
Elegant Floral Border
Chile Nights
Horse & Carriage
July forever
Delicate Cherryblossoms
Pickett's Press
I'm staying
Pickett's Press
Cherub Coronation
Vintage Angel
Horse and Cake
Tulip Stripe online
Up in the Air
Knapp Circle
Hang on Magnolia online
Bulldog Embrace
Don't Forget!
Dance until Sundown
Butterfly Escape
The Pink Orange
Renee & Carlos
Pickett's Press
Barrel Cross Section
The Pink Orange
Letterpressed Swashes
Newlyweds Laurel
Whitney & Charlie
Pickett's Press
Tied In
Pickett's Press
Devon & Chris
Pickett's Press
Double Orchids
Pickett's Press
Chloe & Carter
Pickett's Press
Candy Cane Castle
Cotton Candy Castle
Marshmallow Manor
Imaginative Fairy Tales
King of Hearts
Fluffy Little Clouds
Grannys Garden
Post it
Save the date bw
Save Date yellow and blue
Meridian Design
Save Date yellow and red
Meridian Design
Save Date yellow and purple
Meridian Design
Save Date orange and beige
Meridian Design
Save Date blue and blue
Meridian Design
Clean white with colored frame
Colorful Athen dreams
Dream of Athens
Colorful Cordoba
Cordoba by Day
Ball in Birmingham
Noble Grenoble
Manchester Mansion
Cut out photo Save the date
A Day in Glasgow
Bright Brighton
Double Scroll Framed
Floral Corners
Sweet large photo save the date
Sanssouci Pansy
Days in Chile
Elvis' Voice
Triple all yours
Lucky Golfer
All Yours Twice
Sherlock Holmes
Four times All Yours
All Yours with Header
Days in Peru
Eltons Muse
Whitneys Show
Bird & Branch
All Your Space
Your Variations
Heather online
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Whitneys Success
All Yours Mix
Vernal Pattern
All Yours Bottom Banner
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Beady Bug
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Boris' Tennis Tournament
All Yours Thrice
Curlicue Corners
Your Whole World
Versaille Days
Cork Charm
Notthingham Days
Croissant from Paris
Canterbury Castle
Marseille Ball
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Oxford Chic
Sky over Norway
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St. Petersburg Fashion
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A Day in Iceland
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Afternoon in Sevilla
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Saint-Tropez Nights
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Cork Pop online
Hot Air Balloon
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Jungle Snapshot
Pickett's Press
Paula the Parrot
Pickett's Press
Floral All Over
Ornate and Gentle
The Pink Orange
Delicate Ornament
The Pink Orange
Entangled in Oneanother
The Pink Orange
Magnolia Canopy
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Plaid Linen
Plated Peacock
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Floral Field
Lighthearted Lizzy
Rose Bouquet
Baroness online
Dot Wreath
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Rose Bubble
Strawberry Candy
Cat Eyes
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Nina & Willy's Orchid
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California Arabesque
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Save the Willow Catkin
Safari Adventure
Cherry Blossom
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San Francisco Dreams
Delicate Coronet
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Welcome to Harrods
Love Crickets
Seriously Lovely
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Puppies forever
Mysterious Mannerist
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Framed and Decorated
The Pink Orange
Stripes and Brackets
The Pink Orange
Turntable Celebration
Pickett's Press
Mom & Baby Footer
You & Me Right
Bachs Vision
Bachs Muse
Bed of Roses
Sunlight in the Dark
Victorias Garden
Stripes & All
Pickett's Press
Botanic Garden
Art Deco
Checkered Walls
Autumn Delight
Of Berries and Leaves
Dark Day turning Sunny
Castello Cavallo
The Pink Orange
Yellow Birds on a Wire
Beautiful Bristol

Browse our Wedding Save the Dates card design collection for online save the dates and customize your favorite. Send with recipient monitoring and collect postal addresses if needed.

Wedding: Save the Date cards – inform guests, family and friends as early as possible

Whether online or paper – Save the Date cards by EventKingdom enable you to inform guests, family and friends in time and in style about the date of your wedding. Take your time and browse through our designer cards, individual designs or a save the date card with a suitable card set including invitation, menu, Thank you card etc..

Wedding Timeline:

Visit our Wedding Timeline to see our recommendations for the perfect wedding planning. Everything is important, from the announcement of the engagement, to the Wedding save the date, Wedding invitations, Thank you cards etc. Important is to acknowledge that there will be a lot of exciting things to organize! We would like to help you with that.

Online post

To enable attractive, sustainable and high quality paperless save the date cards for your wedding, we have placed great emphasis on design, customization, personalization and salutation.

1. Design: Choose your favorite motif or upload your own design. Then beautify your sending! Send e.g. an animated envelope that you can design completely, including color, your own stamp, inner lining and seal. You can also customize your sending's background design and add your favorite music. Online Save the Date examples can be found here.

2. Customization: Edit the text on your cards and add photos etc.

3. Personalization & Salutation: With Online Post you can define two salutations for each guest, one for the envelope and one for the card (s). Thus, the online post is in no way inferior to paper invitations in terms of style.

Wedding Party with Multiple Invitations:

Especially at weddings, it may well be that you invite to more than a single event. There is often a wedding shower on Friday, the wedding ceremony with reception on Saturday, the big wedding party on Saturday evening and breakfast or brunch on Sunday!

EventKingdom has all the necessary functions for such weekend celebrations. Individual invitations can be created and guests can be assigned to individual events on the guest list. So every guest receives exactly the invitation that they should receive.

Thousands of couples worldwide have used EventKingdom to organize such large invitations thanks to the multiple invitation function. They were just as enthusiastic about it as their guests.

Paper Cards:

You can of course also order paper save the date cards. In addition to beautiful paper cards you can design your envelope printing and have ready printed envelopes sent to you or have us send your Wedding Save the dates for you.