EventKingdom Apps

Monitoring and guest management

Monitoring and Guest management app - especially designed for you to easily manage your event
Manage unlimited recipients and send / share unlimited invitations and cards

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Access your events and recipient lists easily to manage your guest list

Easy access to your my events

  • List of your events
  • Easy access to Recipient list
  • Intuitive display and navigation
Monitor and track your invitations and cards and send reminders and messages

Recipient monitoring

  • Check status of recipients
  • Check number of replies
  • Add new recipients
Edit the reply status of your guest and their accompanying guests and add new guests

Guest management

  • Edit recipient info
  • Edit plus 1 info
  • Manually edit replies
Send and share online invitations and cards directly from your product app

Send and share

  • Send and share invitations and cards
  • Email, Whatsapp, Facebook etc.
  • Personal or group sendings