Video background collection

Browse our collection of background videos and add your favorite video to any card or invitation design or your own uploaded design. Send virtual cards & invitations with dancing Santas, burning candles, blooming flowers, flying golf balls, breaking waves and many more. All videos are optimized for beautiful viewing in combination with our fine & animated cards and envelopes, music and more. All videos are optimized for various devices inkl. quick loading times and can be used for any card or invitation sending.
View here how to easily add video backgrounds to your card or invitation..

Video background with golden snow falling endlessly
Golden snow
Video of golden glitter flying repeatably
Golden Glitter
Video of heavy snow falling
Heavy snow
Video background with falling stars in different colors
Falling colorful stars
Video background with heavy snow with light glowing red
Snow on red
Video of a red candle with burning flame
Burning red candle
Video of a fire place with burning wood and Christmas Tree with blinking lights
Burning fire place with Christmas tree
Video of amusing dancing Santas
Dancing Santas
Video of Santa Claus carrying a large and heady bag of presents
Heavy load for Santa
Video of dancing Holiday Decoration with a Christmas Tree, a Christmas ball & a present with legs dancing
Dancing Holiday Deco
Video of beautiful snowy mountain landscape just before the sunset
Snowy mountain landscape
Video of cosy mountain hut sparking in the snow
Charming mountain hut in the snow
Video of a grand Fireworks celebration
Video of a champagne bottle popping with the cork flying out
Champagne bottle popping
Video of champagne bubbles rising to the top
Champagne bubbles
Video of beer filling a glass
Beer in the works
Video of a disco ball covering the whole screen turning and sparking in the light
Disco ball turning
Video of confetti spraying from below and flying through the air
Confetti spraying from below
Video of forest trees with the sun shining through
Summer forest with shining sun
Video of authumn forrect with leaves falling
Woods in the Fall
Video of lightning bolts
Video of Earth turning from night to day
Earth turning from night to day
Video of global network connections
Globally Connected
Video of space full of stars
Space full of stars
Video of a golf shot with perfect ball flight on a driving range
The perfect golf shot
Video of a golf ball bouncing on the green and going in the hole
Hole in one golf shot
Video of a golf course with golf flag at sunset
Sunset golf
Video of a volleyball court
Volleyball court
Video of a soccer ball / football flying into the net of a goal
Football-Soccer Goal
Video of Polo horses at a Polo Match
Polo Match
Video of playing cards entering into view like a tunnel
Lets play cards
Video of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals rotating
Medal Celebration
Video of many colorful balloons rising up and away into the sky
Balloons up and away
Video of a Birthday cake with burning candles and flying confetti
Birthday cake with burning candles & confetti
Video of a Birthday cupcake with burning candle and flying confetti
Birthday cupcake with burning candle & confetti
Video of red rose petals being thrown up and flying through the air
Red rose petals flying
Video of pink rose petals rotating and slowly flying through the air
Pink rose petals flying slowly
Video of heart of rose petals bursting
Heart of Rose petals
Video of a beautiful pink water rose opening
Pink water rose opening
Video of cool pink fur moving in the wind
Cool pink fur
Video of light shining through water filmed from below
Under water light
Video of beautiful beach with small waves breaking
Sunny beach with waves
Video of the beaches in the Hamptons
Hamptons beaches
Video of a sunset over water
Sunset over water
Video of the desert in the fog
Desert in the fog
Video of a rainbow with clouds flying by
Rainbow in the sky
Video of chamomile field blowing in the wind
chamomile field
Video of palm trees over a pool
Palm Trees and Pool
Video of a hot grill burning
Hot grill
Video of Buildings growing from the ground
Buildings going up
Video of a construction site with turning cranes
Construction Site
Video of wind turbines spinning in the fog
Video of the Victory Column in Berlin
Victory Column Berlin
Video of the Statue of Liberty in New York
Statue of Liberty New York
Video of throwing caps at a graduation celebration
Graduation Celebration
Video of golden theater curtains opening
Theater Curtains opening
Video of ducks flying
Ducks flying
Video of wild boar moving in between snowy trees
Wild boar
Video of rolling colorful Easter Eggs
Rolling Easter eggs
Video of Easter bunny with Easter eggs
Easter bunny with eggs
Video of 1st of May tree decorations
May celebration
Video of wine corks falling
Wine corks
Video of vineyard with blue sky and moving clouds
Vineyard with blue sky
Video of Popcorn popping out of popcorn maker
Popcorn maker
Video of a camera lens zooming
Zoom in
Video of camera flashes
Camera Flashes
Video of spotlights going on
Video of a movie recording
Movie recording
Video of doors opening
Open House
Video of Halloween with scary pumpkins and flying bats
Halloween with Bats


  • Combine your personal, green, fun, impressive and animated paperless cards and invitations with beautiful and fun videos.
  • Choose a matching video for your invitation or card, e.g. flying golf balls for golf invitations, dancing Santas for fun Holiday Parties, burning red candles for Holiday greeting cards, blossoming flowers for Wedding save the dates, sunny beach with breaking waves for the perfect Beach Wedding invitation, a wonderful Birthday cake with burning candles for Birthday invitations, a cute birthday cupcake with burning candle for birthday greetings, a bursting champagne bottle for anniversary invitations, rising champagne bubbles for a New Years Eve celebration, a gorgeous sunset for a drinks party and many more!