Paper designs - Anniversary

Gold Pailing Dream
Corner Ornaments
Tears of Joy
Flower K
The Pink Orange
colorful shapes
Blue, yellow, green
Budapest Ball
Bucharest Ball
Double bubble circles
Windowpane You & Me
50 Years
End of Work
Do it Again
Swirl invitation
The Pink Orange
Pink flowered frame
The Pink Orange
Cesars Wreath
Anina Takeff
Cant wait for 2024
founded 2014
founded 2004
founded 1994
founded 1984
founded 1974
founded 1954
founded 1964
founded 1944
Born 1983 landscape
Born 1973 landscape
Born 1963 landscape
Born 1953 landscape
Born 1943 landscape
Born 2013 landscape
Born 2003 landscape
2023 cut out
Eton Fun
Born 2010 landscape
Born 1980 landscape
Born 2000 landscape
Born 1960 landscape
Born 1940 landscape
Born 1950 landscape
Double Digits with photo
Big Two O with photo
Big Three O with photo
Big Four O with photo
Big Six O with photo
Big Eight O with photo
Big Seven O with photo
Five 0 landscape
Born in 1970 small
The Wasp
Meridian Design
Born 1948 landscape
50 fifty
Meridian Design
Born 1959 with frame
Born 1968 with frame
Born 1968
Born 1958 landscape
Born 1969 with frame
Born 1949 with frame
Born 1979 with frame
Born 1999 with frame
Born 1989 with frame
Rotterdam Riverside
2019 photo card
Anniversary 2019
Anniversary 2018
2018 photo card
A Night in Nice
Born 1938
Born 1958
Born 1978
Born 1988
Born 1948
Avignon Fun
Barcelona Bride
Days in Dijon
Berlin Ball
Amsterdam by Day
Lisbon Nights
Born 1967
Born 1987
Lovely Rambling Rose
Anina Takeff
Drop In The Ocean
Anina Takeff
Heather Hill
Anina Takeff
Poppy Field
Anina Takeff
Hearty Flamingos
Anina Takeff
Large Jungle Clearing
Anina Takeff
Camellia Canopy
Anina Takeff
Jungle Clearing
Anina Takeff
Flaming Watercolor
Anina Takeff
Party cut out
Victorian Engraved
Bubble Fun
Album Cover
Transparent Outline
Scatter Dots
Single Camelia
Anina Takeff
Wreath of Camellias
Anina Takeff
Tulip Trio
Anina Takeff
Flock of Balloons
Anina Takeff
Golden Delights
Anina Takeff
Rainbow Feast
Water Flowers
The Pink Orange
Highschool Sweethearts
Olive Grove
Anina Takeff
Cinematic Overline
Laurel Shimmer
Anina Takeff
Eight Ball Dot
Cartouche invitation 1
Happy Putti
Hortense Dream
Spring Flowers
Blue striped
The Pink Orange
Entangled Roses
The Pink Orange
Flower Surround
The Pink Orange
Mannerist Ball
The Pink Orange
Flower Canopy
The Pink Orange
Ornate Ball
The Pink Orange
Clover Polka Dots
Anina Takeff
Clover Trio
Anina Takeff
Floating Gift
Anina Takeff
Kissing in the Dark
Anina Takeff
Wading Flamingos
Anina Takeff
Love Love Love Love
Frederick Strasche
Cork pop 2
Cinematic Asymetric
Sound of Hearts
Italian Cuisine
Double Bubble
Four Couples
Nine Windows
Nine Views
Fancy Love Birds
Frederick Strasche
Mr & Mrs
Frederick Strasche
Laurel Leaf Band
Anina Takeff

Look through our Anniversary card collection for paper orders and customize your favorite. Order each design as a normal or folded card in various formats with matching envelopes.