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Please browse our collection of songs. You can listen to songs and view live examples to see how excellent music works with online invitations and cards. Create your event by choosing a card design or uploading your own. Inside the event you can add any song and customize it. If you dont find a song you like, you can also upload your own music file.

Collection of national Anthems


18 songs
  1. The Star-Spangled Banner (The American National Anthem - United States of America)
    The One World Ensemble
  2. God Save The Queen (The British National Anthem - Great Britain)
    The One World Ensemble
  3. Deutschlandlied (The German National Anthem - Germany)
    The One World Ensemble
  4. La Marseillaise (The French National Anthem - France)
    The One World Ensemble
  5. Il Canto degli Italiani (The Italian National Anthem - Italy)
    The One World Ensemble
  6. La Marcha Real (The Spanish National Anthem - Spain)
    The One World Ensemble
  7. Het Wilhelmus (The Dutch National Anthem - Netherlands / Holland)
    The One World Ensemble
  8. Hino Nacional Brasileiro (The Brazilian National Anthem - Brazil)
    The One World Ensemble
  9. A Portuguesa (The Portuguese National Anthem - Portugal)
    The One World Ensemble
  10. Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii (The Russian National Anthem - Russia)
    The One World Ensemble
  11. Advance Australia Fair (The Australian National Anthem - Australia)
    The One World Ensemble
  12. National Anthem of the People's Republic of China (The Chinese National Anthem - China)
    The One World Ensemble
  13. O Canada (The Canadian National Anthem - Canada)
    The One World Ensemble
  14. Jana Gana Mana (The Indian National Anthem - India)
    The One World Ensemble
  15. National Anthem of Saudi Arabia (The Saudi Arabian National Anthem)
    The One World Ensemble
  16. Symphony No.9 In D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral": Ode to Joy
    Ludwig van Beethoven
  17. Major Tom
    Peter Schilling
  18. Kernkraft 400
    Zombie Nation

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Music invitations and cards with National Anthems

Do you wish to create a beautiful and animated paperless invitation or card and add your National Anthem to make your online invitation or card even more special? This is now possible at EventKingdom. You can customize your card designs and add your National Anthem, e.g. US National Anthem for 4th of July Celebrations, French National Anthem for July 14th or the German National Anthem for Unification Day on October 3rd. This will make your online invitation even more special! National Anthems work well with any design, but of course best with cards in the design of your nations flag. Browse our country flag collection or go directly to our US flag card, French Flag card or German Flag card and add the matching National Anthem. You can also browse our classic card designs and enhance them with your National Anthem. Other recommended design categories are e.g. Birthday celebrations, cocktails or animated card designs

At EventKingdom you can find a large collection of beautifully designed cards by our talented designers and illustrators, whose designs we love and can recommend very much. Every card including illustration or drawing, text and sometimes photos has been designed and aligned with the utmost care.

Wonderful Anthem Music Invitation and Cards in 4 Steps:

1. Choose Card Design: Choose your favorite card design. Find it easier by utilizing the various filter options, e.g. classic, chic, winter or fun or upload your own design.

2. Edit Card Design: Customize your paperless card with your own text and your own photos. Add the personal addressing of your guests to each card if you wish.

3. Choose and customize your favorite song with fade in, fade out and loop features for your 30 second fragment.

4. Add your recipients and send online invitations or cards with music that matches your event perfectly.

Online Invitations or cards

Animated Paperless Invitation: When sending paperless you can boost the invitation design immensely, e.g. by using the animated envelope which you can design to your wishes, e.g. by choosing the envelope color and adding a frame & images or uploading your own stamp. You can also send two cards and set them as front and back with a card turning effect! Additionally you can choose from a collection of background designs for your sending. Please visit our great list of Invitation examples to see what is possible and to get ideas. Corporate examples can be found here.